You Won’t Even Believe These Milk Chocolate Bites Are Really A Kids’ Multivitamin

You Won’t Even Believe These Milk Chocolate Bites Are Really A Kids’ Multivitamin

Remember when we were kids and everyone took the same chalky, fruit-flavored multivitamin? Things have changed a bit over the years, and now that we’re parents it seems there’s an endless assortment of kids’ multivitamins to choose from.

The Battle of the Broccoli

In a perfect world, our kids would eat a balanced diet that was rich in nutrients and vitamins, but this is not a perfect world and most of our kids are far more picky than we would like to admit. In fact, most of our kids will gladly take a piece of chocolate when offered, but if you try to get them to take three bites of broccoli, it becomes a battle of wills that we are all tired of fighting.

Well, thanks to the brilliant minds at MyBite Vitamins, the battle just got easier. Now, our kids can enjoy a delicious bite of chocolate and get all the vitamins their growing bodies need.

I’m Sorry, Did You Just Say Chocolate Vitamin?

If we were at a party, this is the moment the record would scratch and the crowd would grind to a silent halt, because before MyBite Kidz Multi, “delicious chocolate” and “multivitamin” weren’t words we used together. But that’s what makes these vitamins so freaking amazing! They’re a milk-chocolatey bite filled with caramel, roasted peanuts, and a whipped center. And to sweeten the deal even more, they’re packed with all the goodness of a multivitamin but with no more sugar than a gummy. (So much more delicious though!)

mybite multivitamin

I’ll admit, I was a bit skeptical at first, but all that changed the moment I tried one for myself because they taste exactly like my favorite candy bar. The real test, however, came when I offered them to my kiddos. I was nervous, but they loved them and even asked for more. I told  my kids they could have one every morning, and suddenly, I’m the coolest mom ever because I’m letting them eat chocolate at 8 a.m. Winning!

OK, These People Are Basically Vitamin Experts

Naturally, I was over the moon about all of this, so I decided to look into MyBite Vitamins a little more since I hadn’t heard of this company before. It turns out, while MyBite Vitamins is a new company, their founders have been in the nutrition game for years. In fact, they invented the very first gummy vitamin 20 years ago. No offense to the gummy vitamin, but Kidz Multi are even more delicious, and they offer all the same vitamins and nutrients with the same amount of sugar.

They’re an excellent source of immune support with zinc and vitamins C and E, as well as vitamin A for vision health and vitamin D to help absorb calcium for strong bones.

I’m In!

There are enough challenging moments in motherhood, so when I find something like MyBite Kidz Multi that makes things way easier, I’m all in. I was thrilled to discover that MyBite Vitamins actually has a full line of multivitamin and wellness supplements for the whole family, including Hers Multi, a complete women’s multivitamin just for me. Do yourself and your family a favor and check them out today.

MyBite Vitamins’ mission is to help you feel healthy and happy — body, mind, and taste buds. Checkout MyBite’s full line of delicious multivitamins and wellness supplements at Target.

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