Urban Decay’s Releasing A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Make-Up Collection

Urban Decay’s Releasing A ‘Game Of Thrones’ Make-Up Collection

Urban Decay’s new “Game of Thrones” make-up collection is ridiculously pretty

Winter might not be coming anytime soon, but a whole bunch of really pretty, really striking eyeshadow palettes are. Urban Decay is releasing a Game of Thrones make-up collection and we’re all about to look like Khaleesi STAT. Bring on the dragons.

Urban Decay released a teaser about their upcoming collection, which features three women straight out of the Game of Thrones world, rocking eyeshadows in glittery golden brown, rich deep blue, and the prettiest purple sparkle. Unfortunately, we’ll have to wait until April to get our hands on these palettes which means we should probably console ourselves by watching GOT all weekend long on our throne (bed).

If you’re currently jonesing for some really gorgeous eyeshadow that will turn you into the Queen of Dragons that you were born to be, there’s a few more Urban Decay options available right now to tide you over. The make-up company recently released the NAKED Reloaded collection, which is packed with twelve new shades featuring a whole bunch of shimmer, silkiness, and metallic.

Prepare to feel a confusing amount of feelings over a make-up kit.

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