Things We Are Obsessed With

Things We Are Obsessed With


We all have that one weird thing we are obsessed with, right? Sometimes it’s totally normal and healthy like “I’m obsessed with Schitt’s Creek!” or “I’m obsessed with getting people registered to vote!” Other times it makes people give you the side-eye, like if you say “I’m obsessed with coffins!”  But you know what? As long as you’re not hurting anyone or yourself, have at it. Go ahead and read about your obsession, watch documentary after documentary, or google everything there is to know about it.

If anything, spending hours reading about alien lifeforms will at least help you forget about the actual Twilight Zone-slash-dumpster fire that is 2020, so how can that be a bad thing?

Confessional #25782168

“I’m obsessed with European history…wish I was born in the past!”

Confessional #25765103

“I’m obsessed with looking at wedding dresses and engagement rings. I’ve been married for 19 years.”

Confessional #25759079

“I’ve become obsessed with YouTube videos of Midwest women cleaning and decorating their McMansions. It motivates me to clean my house, but I don’t like these Stepford women with their fake nails, lashes, and hair. So why do I want to watch?”

Confessional #25193844

“I am newly obsessed with families who live in RV full time and “roadschool”. I know I’m romanticizing and it wouldn’t be all vacation bliss, but damn it sounds great! Stayed up til 4 am watching videos on YouTube.”

Sometimes our obsessions reflect something missing in our lives or hint at what we wish we could be.

Confessional #25756633

“I am obsessed with trying to feel for lumps in my breasts ever since a friend was diagnosed with breast cancer and 2 other friends found non cancer lumps in theirs. I’m going crazy thinking about it.”

Confessional #25780264

“He’s been dead 50 years now, longer than I’ve been alive, yet I’m absolutely obsessed with him. Can’t get enough of him and I’ve already read every possible thing I could find about him, online. Wtf is wrong with me?”

Confessional #25753095

“I am obsessed with watching my kids sleep”

Other times we obsess over that which we cannot control. Death, our kids, money… adulthood is scary and can lead to obsessions as we try to cope with it all.

Confessional #25546303

“I am completely obsessed with Outlander. Reading the books and rewatching the show. Where is my Jamie?”

Confessional #25761420

“I am obsessed with polygamy and arranged marriage documentaries. The cruelty that men inflict on women and children in the name of “religion” is atrocious.”

Confessional #25271005

“I know it’s trash TV but ds11 and I are obsessed with 90 Day Fiance and can’t wait for the tell-all episode on Sunday. #sorrynotsorry”

Obviously the most fun obsessions are our fave shows—reality or fictional. Getting lost in a Netflix series while fantasizing about the main character jumping out of the TV and ripping your clothes off can actually end up being the best Saturday night ever.

Confessional #25754873

“I’m completely obsessed with binge watching Grey’s Anatomy from episode 1. WTF is happening to me?”

Confessional #24858655

“I’m currently obsessed with crime podcasts but it’s making me sooooooo freaking paranoid. It’s to the point that I’m thinking of buying some security cams and making a “In case I go missing” kit. Be rude, stand up for yourself, lock ur doors, stay safe!”

Confessional #24410979

“I am obsessed with the show The Handmaid’s tale and so terrified that it will become real.”

And sometimes the shows we obsess over help us process what we fear in real life. Or they make us more freaked out than ever.

Confessional #25771578

“I hate how perverted my mother is. It is like she is obsessed with talking about sex, vaginas, breasts, etc. Like, shut up already. Please.”

Confessional #25769269

“MIL is obsessed with H in a weird incestuous way – you have your own H, leave mine the fuck alone.”

Confessional #25367251

“My MIL is obsessed with breast feeding. Nursed one of her kids til he was 5. Whenever she talks about breastfeeding, she grabs her boobs for emphasis. Really fucking strange.”

So no, we shouldn’t judge other people’s obsessions. Except if the person is our annoying mother-in-law and her obsessions are disturbing. Or impacting our marriage. Or both. Then judge away. Because that’s what mothers-in-law are for.

Confessional #25737380

“I’ve been obsessed with vampires since I was little and love reading vampire books. Please answer with “me too” to let me know you do the same. The Black Dagger Brotherhood ROCKS!!!!!”

Confessional #25416099

“Always been obsessed with aliens. Since I was a kid I’ve had this strong feeling that one day they will show up and cull most of us (natural disasters or something). Lately I’ve been actually wishing it would happen already. We desperately need it.”

Confessional #24862084

“I really, really love makeup. I love watching YouTube videos about it and am obsessed with palettes. I’m 39 yrs old and work in the financial industry. Otherwise I’d probably whore it up everyday.”

If you have a weird obsessive quirk—like most of your google searches relate to exotic plants, for example—no judgment here. Whatever gets your brain distracted from or cope with the grunt of everyday life. Especially in 2020 when we all need to escape, but can’t because we’re stuck at home. So if you’re obsessed with tree frogs, have fun learning all about tree frogs! Get yourself a tree frog ornament and donate to the “save the tree frogs!” organization you find online and order a tree frog painting for your living room. You do you, and screw anyone who judges.

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