Sticky & Crispy Asian Pork Belly

Sticky & Crispy Asian Pork Belly

If you’re like me who loves pork belly but picky about how it’s done, then you’ll be pleased to learn about this Sticky & Crispy Asian Pork Belly recipe.

I really love having pork belly and guests enjoy it as well, but it’s something that I’ll lose interest in when not cooked  like how I like it.. Yeah, I’m pretty fussy about it. If I’m going to eat pork belly it must be tender, has a crispy crackling and must have tangy thick sauce. Serve me pork belly with crackling that’s not crispy enough and I’ll be in a foul mood. It’s like someone made me eat veggies I don’t like. Yes, that’s the feeling I get!

However, I can confidently say that this Sticky & Crispy Asian Pork Belly recipe totally ticked ALL 3 boxes!! And it’s all the more appealing to make as it’s super super easy!


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