Scary Mommy How to Take a Road Trip With Your Baby

Scary Mommy How to Take a Road Trip With Your Baby

I doubt I ever said, “yay, it’s time for a four hour drive to my parents’ house for Thanksgiving dinner!” I loved the eating part, sure, but I honestly didn’t mind the drive. I’d put on some good music and zone out, maybe stop at a drive through, hop out to go to the bathroom at some point, pull over for some gas and get to my parents’ just in time for a movie on their giant cozy couch. Now, I’m the mom of a newborn and that four hour drive that’s coming up? It’s not going to be the same. If you’ve not done it before, here’s what to expect.

Traveling with a newborn is a whole adventure in itself. Leaving at just the right time that coincides with their nap time can leave you feeling exhausted. Babies love sleeping in the car because that’s what babies, and apparently my husband, do the minute the engine turns on. That will throw any nap schedule off the rails. They’ll get back to it, so don’t stress it and maybe consider taking a nap at some point too.

Newborns eat a lot and frequently. The number of pit stops for a breast feeding, bottle feeding or any kind of feeding will be up there. If you add this to leaving at optimal nap time, things can get complicated fast. Now, the trip revolves not only around getting them in the car during nap time, but timing my need to pee with their need to eat? Yikes. If you get one of these right, then you are ahead of the game. High five!

Third, the changing. Newborns need a lot of changing. They need a fresh diaper before they get into the car and you need to be stocked up with diapers for at least one change on the road. That’s why I’m making sure to stock up on Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers for this trip because they fit my baby’s bottom like a hug and are sure to keep any spills or overflows from happening while my little one is in her carseat. There is nothing worse than staining a carseat on a long trip. Not having it.

Fourth, the wipes. I’m not talking about windshield wipers. I’m talking about Huggies Baby Wipes galore for the inevitable changing or two, for spit up because we’re in a car so who knows how that’s going to go, for the feeding where milk is going to end up somewhere other than my baby’s mouth and me for when I spill ketchup on my shirt because my husband turned unexpectedly while I was eating my fries.

The road to that holiday dinner may not be a piece of cake, but if you come prepared and time it the best you can, you’ll get there. Actually, no matter what, you’ll get there. The most important part? Keep our eyes on the prize — turkey and mashed potatoes. Plus, lots of family members who can’t wait to see your new baby. And you know what that means? A break. You get to put your feet up while Aunt Sally is gushing over the baby and your mom is insisting on changing her and Uncle Joe holding her to count those baby toes.

Although traveling for the holidays doesn’t come with the ease it did pre-baby, it’s an adventure and not a bad one after all. So, buckle in and enjoy your newborn’s first holiday trip.

Huggies Little Snugglers have a soft pocketed waistband to prevent blowouts and protect your baby’s skin, while Huggies Wipes provide a gentle clean for your baby’s delicate skin. Grab some for your baby here!

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