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Healthy yogurt and toddler

Babies sure have some big opinions. I love how, when we’re new parents, we think our job is going to include deciding what our little ones are going to eat, wear, and do. Joke’s on us, though. Tiny humans are the most opinionated species on the planet, and they influence everything we do as parents. They’re basically #infantfluencers. They tell us what’s hot or not.

So, what do these #infantfluencers think is hot when it comes to food? We asked Scary Mommies to tell us what’s trending on their babies’ plates. Here’s what you shared.

#Infantfluencers are always in their feelings when it comes to food. Sure, they may be tiny, but in their own way, our babies are just like us — liking what they like and sharing what they don’t. And as their parents, we’re their captive audience. It’s good to know that babies, for the most part, are interested in the food that’s best for them. 

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