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Excited to feel that fall chill in the morning air? If you’re like us, the start of autumn feels more like the start of the new year — school’s back in session, you’re changing out your wardrobe, your annual pumpkin spice addiction kicks in again…. It’s also the first real opportunity to get your home feeling more seasonal — consider this a trial run for the holidays, Mama. We’ve got decor ideas to turn your house into a cornucopia of  harvest-y heaven.

Even if you had the time, inclination, or axe to chop down some real birch trees and make these candles yourself, we’d still recommend getting these instead. These LED candles are safe and convenient, and even come with a remote so you can get your glow on sitting on the couch across the room. Says one mom, “I love these candles! The moving ‘flames’ give a very realistic effect and I love that you can adjust how bright the lighting is. The outer birch design is beautiful. You get the same movement and light of a real candle, but in a much safer way. I have a 5 year old and a cat so these give me great peace of mind.”

$19.39 AT AMAZON


This string of light-up leaves adds a seasonal touch to mantles, tables, or any other corner of your home that needs a little fall flair. Says one leaf peeper, “I ordered a single string, which was just great for the price, and then ordered another to make my mantle really glow. I could have ordered the two string option and saved money – take a hint! Anyway, the mantle looks lovely with three flameless candles and these realistic looking leaves. The cord is clear, so they look even more real.”



Whether you’re visiting family for Thanksgiving this year, or they’re coming to you, make the mantra, “Home is where the heart is,” a little easier to believe with these state-scented candles. Each scent is personalized to your home state or city. (Don’t know what Pennsylvania smells like? Caramel, maple, buttery rum, and malty molasses balanced with dark cocoa and dry tonka bean, obviously.) Says one ex-Missourian, “It smells like springtime in Missouri. Just like the flowering trees that we had in my backyard when I was growing up. My father just passed away and this is just what I needed to remind me of home now that I live thousands of miles away. <3”

$29.94 AT AMAZON

Light it up this autumn, Mama. Whether you are enjoying the last few evenings of an Indian summer, or wrapped up around a crisp, cool night of campfire story-telling, these mason jar lights will creative a festive fall feeling. And they’re solar-powered, not wiring needed! Says one nostalgic reviewer, “These emit a soft golden glow bright enough to illuminate an evening dinner, conversation with good people, or simply sitting in solitude and gazing at the night sky. Each one has “Good Luck” etched on the glass, a little touch that made me smile. For those of you like myself who can feel nostalgia when it comes to mason jars, these lights will prove to be especially delightful.

$35.99 AT AMAZON

Going for that rustic farmhouse look this season? These plaid thick cotton linen cloth pillow covers are just what the farmer ordered. (Actually, who are we kidding — his wife did.) Says one pillow thrower, “I enjoy decorating my home using seasonal throw pillows. But how many can you have and try to store them all away? Pillow covers are an easy solution…These pillow covers are a fantastic buy and surprisingly well made!”

$10.39 AT AMAZON


Add a little magical razzle-dazzle to your fall decorations this year.  These twinkly lights are strung on a bendable and flexible copper wire which can be easily wound around your furniture, bed, window, staircase, bar, tree, balcony or garden. Says one happy decorator, “When I saw the pictures posted I knew I had to have them. I have 2 glass vases that sit on my fireplace mantle empty all year. I bought one set of these and immediately set them up when I got them…They are SO GORGEOUS. I posted the pics and link to buy them online and three of my friends bought them too!!!”

$12.99 AT AMAZON

This indoor/outdoor planter lets you showcase seasonal flowers and plants all year round with rustic charm. Plus it’s really easy to put together. Says one happy wagoneer, “I am not an engineer. I am a nurse and I put 90% of it together with my hands. It is SUPER CUTE… I love it so much I don’t want to take it outside and now want to order more and make them for my friends so sweet little Amish wagon!!!! LOVE IT.”

$26.98 AT AMAZON


In case getting ready for the upcoming holiday season doesn’t spark joy, breathe in some peace and tranquility in the form of a scented candle. In case you were wondering, “peace & tranquility” smells like “a natural elixir of tropical water lily and fresh floral notes blend sweetly with a duo of pear and peach,” which makes perfect scents (get it?) to us. Says one candle lighter, “The scent was perfect: not overly strong with citrus undertones. Was clean & uplifting, my 1o year old daughter even commented, ‘smell makes me smile.’ I would agree. ”

$11.99 AT AMAZON


What will go with those rustic plaid throw pillow covers you just ordered?  Glad you asked. This anti-slip runner is made from high-quality and environmentally-friendly materials and looks as great in the bathroom as it does in the hall. It’s also great for layering, which we didn’t even know was a thing. Says one rug layering expert, “I like to layer rugs under the door mats to give a little extra color and style. Looks just as good as the more expensive rugs in Amazon. Love it! Plan to buy another one as a gift to daughter.”

$19.99 AT AMAZON

These mason jar sconces come with everything you need to enhance the rustic ambiance of a backyard harvest celebration.  The set of two also makes a great hostess or holiday gift. Says one country decorator, “These are beautiful sconces and a wonderful addition to our country home! They are very well-made and come with everything you need; the jars, lights, flowers, and rope! I’ve gotten so many compliments on them that I ended up ordering another set for our game room!”

$18.69 AT AMAZON

Our mom experts only recommend picks they really love. We may earn a commission on purchases made through links from our site, but if we love it, we know you’ll love it. And we Scary Mommies gotta stick together. 

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