Ready for the sweetest pregnancy reveal video ever?

Ready for the sweetest pregnancy reveal video ever?

Are you ready for the sweetest pregnancy reveal ever?

For Erika and Luke’s fifth anniversary, they booked a photo session with Callynth Photography. Luke thought the shoot was meant to commemorate their marital milestone. But Erika had a big surprise for her hubby.

Erika wrapped a onesie in a blanket, then somehow, posed and smiled in different locales for the shoot with the soon-to-be father as if nothing was going on. Here’s a video of the session. The payoff is totally worth it. When Erika rolls out the blanket, Luke’s reaction is priceless. Watch!

I love how at first he has no idea what is going on. His expression is blank as he stares at the onesie.

Dad shocked at pregnancy reveal

Then, Luke starts mouthing, “Are you pregnant?” He wants to believe it’s true, and is so overjoyed when she confirms they are going to have a baby.

Dad overjoyed at pregnancy reveal

It made me so happy to see how happy Luke was to learn he is about to be a dad.

I remember the first time I was pregnant. I bought a bib that said, “I love daddy” on it to surprise my husband with the news. Like Luke, he was so, so overjoyed at the news. Phew! Thank God! We were actually in a grocery store parking lot when I gave the bib to him, and he danced around and laughed and hooted with glee right there among the cars. I wish I had our moment on video like this sweet couple.

We asked Erika how she got the idea for this sweet reveal and she told BabyCenter via email, “The idea to surprise my husband came from the fact that I love surprises. He’s not the biggest fan but he always has great reactions to whatever nonsense I put him through. I considered this the only way I really could surprise him, like how he surprised me when he proposed. I’ve been telling him since we got engaged whenever we have a baby I would ‘get him’ with a surprise… so this has been a long time coming!”

As for Luke’s reaction, his wife tells us, it was a “bit more delayed then I imagined, but I love it so much it just made me laugh.” She added, “there’s a point where he’s still looking confused and I’m laughing and I kind of nudge his leg like…. ‘hey you okay?’ This is really happening!”

Here’s wishing this adorable couple so much love and happiness!

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