Photos: Mom involves her toddler in every moment of birth

Photos: Mom involves her toddler in every moment of birth

The decision of who will be in the room with you when you deliver your baby is an important one. I came across beautiful photographs of a mama in Brazil who made sure her toddler was a part of every aspect of her birth, from labor through delivery.

Ludymilla, owner of Senhoritas Fotografia, told BabyCenter about including her 2-year-old, Ágata, when her little brother was born. Ludymilla says Ágata “reacted really well during [the] birth.” During her labor, the little girl came in and out of the room. “When it was time for the delivery, we asked her to join us in the pool… In the pool she was very happy, talking to us, and also in the expectation for her coming brother.”

mom includes toddler in all moments of birth

“In the delivery time, when I was pushing, we were telling [Ágata] that her brother and friend was coming and then she got really excited.”

The child also gave her mama a lot of love when her baby Zyah required some medical attention in the other room. Here are more photos that show how Ludymilla involved Ágata in the birth of her baby brother.



For Ludymilla, having her daughter present for her son’s birth “was for sure a great experience and we felt all the time as the right thing to do.” But she admits, “We’d received many comments in our pictures that it was wrong to have such a little girl in the birth, but we didn’t care at all. As the birth is, for us, a family event, such important for the constitution for everyone in the family including her, we had to have her there.”

She adds, “We thought she did just fine, she got excited, she liked seeing and touching her brother at the very first minutes. It was one the most amazing things!”

I’ll admit seeing these moving images, and hearing about what a positive experience this mom had encouraged me to further consider involving my daughter in the birth of our fourth child. Still, I’ll confess I am worried about scaring her… Stay tuned!

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This post was originally published in April, 2017.

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