Organise Your Home With This 30-Day Declutter Challenge

Organise Your Home With This 30-Day Declutter Challenge

Decluttering — it’s easier said than done…and the hardest part? How to get started!

30-day challenges are the in thing right now. From money-saving to weight loss, and now decluttering, 30-day challenges seem to almost always work.

If you’re growing tired of your messy drawer, unruly closet, dirty kitchen, disorganised living room, and the kids — oh the kids! Life can never be the same (read: clean) with them, but you just can’t live without them!

So we’ve scoured the internet for some 30-day declutter challenges and found one that would be great, especially for starters.

This 30-day declutter challenge is guaranteed to make your home spick and span in no time…or rather in 30 days time.

Print this one out and start digging!

Are you excited to do the declutter challenge?

Happy decluttering!

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