Note To Our Readers… –

Note To Our Readers… –

We recently initiated an effort to get more of our content to more of our readers by requiring submission of an email address to read our articles. Let’s just say it didn’t go over so well. 🙂

Okay, first of all, we pride ourselves on having the most engaged, kick-ass community on the internet. That’s YOU. What we want to do, is daily entertain you with what you’ve come to love about Scary Mommy: trending news, mom stories that you relate to, and a variety of other fun stuff. What we don’t want to do is piss you off.

We get it – your email is full of spam and you’re getting 10 calls a day from someone who says they have VERY IMPORTANT information about your credit. You’re sick of being contacted by people. Hell, you don’t even like to pick up the phone to begin with. We get that.

The thing is, as more people reduce the time they spend on social, we need a way to keep serving you our free content. And it’s not just people who are moving away from social we’re worried about. Even if you follow us, you’re probably only seeing a fraction of our posts. So how do we reach you, our fans, better?

Our idea is to have a newsletter loaded with our most popular content delivered straight to your inbox. Did we mention it’s free? Did we mention it’s staying free? Literally all we want to do with your email is use it to send you our best stuff a few times a week, maybe show you some cute things from our Scary Mommy shop, and occasionally deliver you some kick-ass offers. THAT’S IT. WE PROMISE.

We absolutely will not give or sell your information to someone else.

Hopefully that provides you a little more background on what we’re up to and gives you some assurance.

So would you give us your email?

We’d love to hear your feedback. What would you like to see in your inbox? What do you not want to see? If you’d like to weigh in, please drop us a note at:

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