More Women Are Using Toothpaste As A Pregnancy Test But Is It Accurate?

More Women Are Using Toothpaste As A Pregnancy Test But Is It Accurate?

Experts advise not to neglect home pregnancy tests over the current trend of using toothpaste as a pregnancy test as more women are turning to it to know if they’re expecting or not.

Some may find it weird but there is a spike in Google searches for this DIY pregnancy test.

A report from HuffPost UK said that many women believe that mixing urine with toothpaste can tell whether you’re pregnant or not. Simply take a urine sample, add it to a jar with some toothpaste, and mix together. If the colour changes, or if you get a bluish colour and some fizzing, then you’re pregnant. If there’s no change, you’re not.

A YouTube tutorial shows you exactly how to do this. They say the first-morning urine is best because it contains the highest amount of the HCG pregnancy hormone.

Another YouTube clip advises that you need to use plain white toothpaste, as the chemicals used for colour and flavour can cloud the test result. They also said that women, especially in remote areas, often used the toothpaste test before current tests were available.
However, Stuart Gale, the owner and chief pharmacist at Oxford Online Pharmacy in the UK, advises not to abandon traditional home pregnancy tests, and that the toothpaste test is not an accurate way to detect pregnancy.

“This is a bit of fun for anyone who thinks they might be pregnant,” he told HuffPost UK. “The fizz in the toothpaste is caused by the acid in the urine reacting with the calcium carbonate in the toothpaste to give off carbon dioxide,” he said.

“The more acidic the urine is, the greater the fizz. Whether or not a person is or isn’t pregnant wouldn’t make any difference.”

He recommends getting recognised tests, such as blood tests and home pregnancy tests, to ensure an accurate result.

Blood tests are extremely accurate at detecting pregnancy, while home pregnancy tests accurately tell whether a woman is pregnant, especially after thirty days.


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