Miraculous No-Carb ‘Cloud’ Bread

Miraculous No-Carb ‘Cloud’ Bread

Miraculous No Carb ‘Cloud’ Bread

If you’ve had to give up bread and other carbs, either for health reasons or dietary ones, you are going to love this Miraculous No-Carb ‘Cloud’ Bread. It’s pillowy, light and oh-so delicious, you won’t believe that it’s actually good for you!

The cloud breads are high in protein while also being low in carbs. Now, despite the name, these aren’t really bread, so don’t go into it thinking they’re going to taste like the real deal. When you first get them out of the oven they’re crumbly like a meringue. Once they’re totally cool, after being stored in an airtight container overnight, they develop a chewy, soft bread consistency.

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