Ice Cream Sandwich

Ice Cream Sandwich

The Two Minute Version:

  1. Grab a cookie cutter the same size as your two biscuits.
  2. Fill it with ice cream and press down firmly.
  3. Then just pop the ice-cream onto the biscuit and enjoy!!!

Not really a traditional ice-cream sandwich, but if you want dessert in an awful hurry – it’s a good one!  You can also substitute biscuits for wafers.

Cherry Ripe Ice Cream Sandwich:

  1. Whip the cream until nice and thick.
  2. Fold in the condensed milk and the vanilla extract.
  3. Chop up the Cherry Ripe and fold this in (you can use any chocolate bar or nothing at all!).
  4. Layer the malt biscuits or ice cream wafers in the bottom of a lamington tin lined with baking paper.
  5. Carefully spoon the ice cream mixture over the top and use a knife to make sure it is even.
  6. Top with more biscuits or wafers, cover with baking paper then a film of plastic wrap and freeze for at least four hours or overnight.

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