How To Get Your Family A Better Deal On Health Insurance

How To Get Your Family A Better Deal On Health Insurance

It’s one of those topics that often pops its head up around the start of each year, and with rates set to rise in April, the question seems more present than ever.

For some people, it regularly plays on the mind: Is private health insurance worth it for you and your family?

Personally, I have always had Private Health Insurance. No, I’m not rich. It has just been a priority for me, especially with young children. It was something drilled into me by my parents, and I have been with the same fund (Bupa) since I was in my twenties.

When I first signed up, I did so through work and got a really good corporate deal. I’ve pretty much not looked at it since.

But I have used it.

I’ve had multiple surgeries over the years that I didn’t have to wait for (tonsillectomy, hysterectomy, boob job (they covered my hospital for that). I did quite a few years of IVF, I wear glasses (so does one of my sons), and both boys need a fair amount of dental work.

My husband needs the osteopath for his neck.

So, for me it is something I don’t want to go without.

In saying that – I’m currently paying over $400 per month to cover this for my family…

Quite frankly, the system in Australia is confusing, particularly when you’re not at all familiar with how it works in terms of the government, your insurer, and your personal bottom line. And with rate rise around the corner on April 1, reviewing my health insurance seemed more appropriate than ever. But then I was told by someone in the Health Insurance Industry that funds have actually gotten better over the years. Newer customers are getting the better deals… and us old customers – well, we are stuck with the ones we bought way back when!

On hearing my mate say I should re-look at my health insurance (and the fact my policy was 20+ years old), I did some research to find a service that doesn’t just give me the ‘highest paid commission for the sales person’. There is, however, now a service that finds you the best deal, without wondering if the caller is just in it for a buck.

I went through Health Insurance Comparison.

They found me an updated plan on what I currently have, but with better dental and osteopath rebates (at the moment for every $120 osteopath appointment, we only get $20 back!).

Plus – the new plan is only $320 per month – so I save about $100 per month WITH better payments. That means I’d be saving $1200 a year. That’s massive!!!

Because I’m cautious, I took the information and then did some personal research on what they were offering me. I investigated the fund, the rebates, and reviews… The best part of comparing with Health Insurance Comparison was that they weren’t at all pushy. Don’t you just hate that? I DO! So, the prices were the same and my call with them felt like they were just assistants helping me research options.

I WANT to have the best coverage.

I don’t want to pay as much, but I’m also not going to risk moving fund if it doesn’t mean I get the same high level of service and coverage. I want someone that cares about what I want. And although I haven’t yet changed… I definitely think I’m going to.

So, how can you learn from my experience? By shopping around, and using sites like Health Insurance Comparison that actually care, you will get the best deal for you and your family.

You can find out more about their service by clicking here.

*Disclaimer: If you do decide to use this awesome service and save yourself some money, we might get paid a very small commission. These little commissions help us keep the lights on and we really appreciate your support.

Do you have private health insurance? Is it worth it for your family?

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