Here’s How You Can Take The Stress Out of Finding A Suitable Daycare

Here’s How You Can Take The Stress Out of Finding A Suitable Daycare

All parents are divided when it comes to finding a daycare.

Most can agree that finding a safe, happy and nurturing environment for your child is a parent’s top priority, and it’s why finding childcare can be so anxiety provoking.

For parents looking at daycare providers, safety and distance are utmost important.

Parents are not only seeking a safe play environment with locked doors and trustworthy staff but somewhere with nutritional food options and high educational outcomes.

This is much the same for parents considering an in-home daycare, with other considerations such as cleanliness, and available books and mindful toys.

But there is one thing that all parents can agree on: distance from home and work is important.

A website dedicated to finding the best daycare provider that ticks all the above boxes is Daycare Solvers; a service that uses a seamless map and location system to take the stress out of researching a daycare suitable for the child’s needs, as well as the parent’s.

The map and location finder will search for available options within distance, and link to a booking system for parents to arrange a tour and meet with the staff in charge.

These tours aim to provide parents with a thorough understanding of how the daycare centre operates, and what is required of the children throughout the different age groups.

They also enable the parent to view other children playing happily in the daycare environment, ask questions, as well as see the resources available to the children while in care. These include toilet facilities, play equipment, and the kitchen – if the centre provides the food for the day.

Parents might want to ask questions such as: Do all staff have first aid certificates? What are the safe sleeping arrangements for infants? And, how does the centre cater to allergies?

Other more time-relevant questions parents may need to know include: What the allocates drop-off and pick-up times are? How many teachers are on staff in the morning? What strategies are in place to help my child transition to class?

Some parents will describe “drop-off” at the daycare to be the most challenging. It’s important to remember that choosing an environment that your child is comfortable in can considerably reduce the stress of morning drop-off, as they will happily transition to the centre, find a friend to play with and wave goodbye.


Parents who already struggle with this emotional transition might find it useful to view other daycare options in their area on the Daycare Solvers website by using the location tool.

Daycare Solvers allows parents to go the extra mile to assess childcare options, allowing parents to take the following steps:

  1. Use the Daycare Solvers website to research daycare centres close to home and work, minimising the stress of drop-off times.
  2. Request a tour of the centre using the Daycare Solvers website, and evaluate the safety measures, like the security of the entrance, comfortable play environments, and hygiene.
  3. Ask questions about health policies, access to educational resources and daily routines.

In 2017, there were more than 2 million children aged 1 or 5 enrolled at daycare in Australia, with 95% of those enrolled for 15 hours + per week, according to the Australia Bureau of Statistics. This number was expected to grow this year, as more parents are forced back into the workforce earlier.

As the numbers increase, so do the need for daycare centres that ensure the safety, health, and well-being of children, and comply with any conditions prescribed by the regulatory authority.

This poses extra stress to parents who have now been encouraged by the Government to register their child for daycare as soon as possible, if only to maximise the chance of placement when the time comes.

By using Daycare Solvers, parents can minimise this stress and register at a daycare that suits their needs, without having to go through hours of research.

One thing’s for sure: finding childcare is never easy.

If you’re currently struggling to find good quality care for your child, knowing where to go to find a great solution is key, and that’s with Daycare Solvers.

Here's How You Can Take The Stress Out of Finding A Suitable Daycare

They can help you find peace of mind so that your only worry during the workday is what to eat for lunch and not an unhappy child at the end of a busy day.

Here's How You Can Take The Stress Out of Finding A Suitable Daycare


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