Free List of Cheap Womens Clothing Suppliers For Your Fashion Start Up

Free List of Cheap Womens Clothing Suppliers For Your Fashion Start Up

Free List of Cheap Women’s Clothing Suppliers for Your Fashion Start UP

Whether you are shopping for a great deal just for yourself, or you are wanting to start your very own online clothing store and need some low-cost fashion to get started – you have come to the right place!


The following is a list of low cost or cheap womens clothing suppliers.  Many are based overseas, many are in China.  Like any business venture, we always advise you do your home work on the supplier before handing over your hard earned cash! However we have found the best rated cheap women’s clothing suppliers that we could find!

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So here we go – our List of Cheap Women’s Clothing Suppliers

  • Location: China
  • Wholesale
  • Offers Drop Shipping
  • Low Cost
  • There is a membership fee

SaleHoo has the very best selection of products for Drop Shippers, wholesalers or anyone looking for bulk fashion on the cheap – their list is HUGE.  You can choose to pay a yearly $67 membership fee or pay $127 lifetime access. If you are not completely satisfied  SaleHoo has a 60-day guarantee, all you need to do is to email your receipt and you will get a full refund. Is membership worth it? Hell yes!  

The membership gets you access to their dropshipping supplier directory, members forum and all the research that will help you become a successful drop shipper. 

  • SaleHoo has more quality products for drop shipping than most of the others. 
  • Has over 2,500,00 products and brands.
  • SaleHoo has been around since 2005 – so they are one of the longest-running drop-shipping companies.
  • All of the SaleHoo Sellers are real and authorised distributor of the products you are buying.
  • If you can’t find products you are looking for, SaleHoo will refund your money. 

Stay at Home Mum Offer:  Only pay $1 for a One Week Trial of SaleHoo

If you feel a bit icky about buying directly from China, then there is a website where all of the manufacturers are already screened for service and quality.  The catch? There is a membership to see all of the wholesalers.  But we have negotiated a $1 for one week trial so you can go and have a look around without being out of pocket. This is especially good if you are looking to sell them commercially!

See the SaleHoo Website

  • China-Based but Mails to Australia
  • Inexpensive

Aliexpress is a Chinese based wholesale company that collates all the smaller wholesalers in China in one place but they do post to Australia so we have included them here.  AliExpress is simply huge and has millions of different product lines in all areas.  They do ship to Australia and have a wide range of women’s fashion available. When searching their website, ensure you tick the box ‘Four stars and up’ to ensure you get the most reputable supplier.

Also, check for how many orders each mini-seller has made – the higher the number, the more reputable they are!

Some of the best AliExpress Fashion Sellers (the ones we would personally buy from) include:

  • ZT Vitality is a women’s swimwear wholesaler, drop-shipper and supplier.  They have more than 13,000 orders with a 4.8/5 rating.
  • GOPLUS Official Store has women jeans and on-trend items.
  • Marwin & Friend has beautiful women’s dresses for all ages.
  • Revival Fitness Official Store – stockists of women’s activewear

Check out the AliExpress Women’s Fashion Section>

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  • Location: Sydney, Australia

Plus Size Fashion Daring Diva is a Plus Size Clothing wholesaler that offers woman’s fashion in sizes 14 – 28.  They also sell shoes, handbags and jewellery. Daring Diva is Australia owned and operated and is located in Sydney.  All their products are sourced from the United States and they cater from casual wear through to formal occasions.

Check out their website here!

4. DH Gate

  • Location: China
  • Inexpensive Fashion Items

Much like Aliexpress, DH Gate is their largest competition and also has a huge range of women’s fashion.  Yes, they are cheap, but many (not all) of the mini-stores have a minimum order – and often that can be up around the 100 piece mark.  So it might not be perfect for smaller startups – but it is still worth going in and having a peek around at what they have!

Bonus: Some stores even have free samples – so you can try items before you have to buy them!

Some of the best sellers on DH Gate that have a good rating include:

Shrural is an international B2C fast fashion e-commerce platform. The company mainly focuses on women’s wear, accessories, shoes, bags and other fashion items. Shrural mainly targets Europe, America, Australia, and the Middle East along with other consumer markets. The brand was founded in April 2018, and since then it has upheld the philosophy that “everyone can enjoy the beauty of fashion.” Its business covers more than 220 countries and regions around the world.


  • Free Shipping on orders over $40
  • Use the code SHRURAL for an extra 10% off

Check out their website here>

  • Country of Origin: China
  • Free standard shipping for orders over $35 was founded in 2014, a wholesale online fashion shop of your first choice for top grade-quality products at rock-bottom prices. They are dedicated to serving our customers with great products and good service. And we provide different colours and styles to meet all the customers’ needs.

Types of items they stock include:

Check out their website here>

Off the Shoulder Leopard Print Bikini from Seamido | Stay at Home Mum

One of the beautiful women’s bikini’s for sale on Seamido

  • Modlily offers a drop shipping service
  • Free shipping on orders over $49

Modlily is a professional online fashion boutique that stocks inexpensive women’s clothing perfect for starting your own fashion boutique.  Plus if you are a Fashion Blogger or Instagram Influencer, you can join their Modlily Pro Program and get free clothing in exchange for promotion.

Type of women’s clothing Modlily offer include:

  • Women’s Swimwear
  • Plus Size Fashion
  • Pre-orders which are on-trend items that are yet to be released online (you get 50% off for purchasing pre-order products)
  • Jewellery

Check out Modlily’s range here>

  • Location: United States (Los Angeles)
  • Plus Size Fashion

2020Ave is an inexpensive supplier of plus size women’s fashion. They stock casual wear, sportswear and young fashion for women. Their clothing has a 90’s feel and they do focus heavily on qualify and customer service.

Check out their range>

  • Offers Dropshipping
  • Offers Wholesale

Belle Wholesale has on-trend young women’s fashion. They have express shipping worldwide and a low minimum order of only %59.

They have a colourful, fun range of clothing that is fun and available in sizes up to 5XL

Check out their range>

We are adding to this article all the time – if you have one to add, please drop us an email at [email protected]






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