Clothing that sexualizes babies? Just no

Clothing that sexualizes babies? Just no

This past weekend, I was perusing the baby section at Walmart. One of my friends will be welcoming a baby girl to her family sometime this month, and I wanted to see if anything caught my eye. After a couple minutes of sifting through a rack of baby body suits, I stumbled upon one with a “witty” saying that made me cringe.

The tiny body suit — which is meant to fit babies who are between 0 and 3 months old, mind you — looked like this.

Um … Just no.

The depressing part is there was only one of these still left on the rack. Meaning people are actually buying this garbage.

Look, don’t get me wrong. I love a cute body suit with wording on it any day. “Milk drunk,” “mommy’s rockstar,” best little sister”; they’re all perfectly fine. I’m even cool with “daddy’s little princess.” But “Sorry boys … Daddy says I can’t date until I’m 30!”” Not only does this awkwardly sexualize a baby —  it’s just plain, stupid.

And I get it. Sort of. People who buy this type of shirt love their baby girls more than life itself. They would literally do anything to prevent someone from hurting their daughters physically or emotionally. So it makes sense that the mere thought of their child entering the dating scene

But come on!

If a teenage girl wants to date, then she’ll probably find a way to do it — whether her parents like it or not. And once she’s 18? Pshht. Mom and dad have zero say at this point. Nadda. Parents don’t own their children.


Also, where are the shirts marketed toward baby boys that also boast this saying? Why does the “you can’t date my kid” sentiment only apply to daughters? For the record, shirts declaring a baby boy is a “ladies’ man” are equally as cringe-worthy to me.

Probably because sexualizing infants in general is creepy AF.

So can we stop encouraging this nonsense, please? Because it really isn’t funny.

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