Classy Vintage and Old School Baby Names

Classy Vintage and Old School Baby Names

All the beautiful old names now held by our Grandparents and Great-Grandparents are making a come-back!

Have you noticed? There have been more classy vintage baby names popping up lately. These old school monikers are harking back to simpler times, and we love it!

Scroll down to find out what each name means!

Vintage Names for Baby Girls

Giving your daughter a vintage, old school style name is a great way to imbue her future with a sense of class and style. Name trends seem to be coming and going faster than ever, but the classics are classics for a reason.

Addie: Meaning Noble and the youngest of siblings.

Alexis: A Greek name and meaning to defend or help.

Alice: A german derived name meaning ‘Noble One”.

Alyce: A version of “Alice”, Noble One.

Amber: An Arabic name, A type of jewel.

Annie: To be Gracious or with grace.

April: A Latin name used for the 4th month of the year.

Audra: Variant of the name Audrey, which means “noble strength”.

Aurora: Meaning Dawn, from roman mythology.

Astrid: Comes from an ancient Scandinavian name meaning “beautiful or beloved god”.

Betsy: A form of Elizabeth, meaning ‘God is my oath’.

Betty: A form of Bethany.

Blythe: From a surname that meant “cheerful” in Old English.

Bonnie: Originates from a Scottish word meaning “pretty”.

Callie: Meaning independence.

Candy: Meaning white, pure and sincere.

Celeste: From a Late Latin name that meant “of the sky, heavenly”.

Cecilia: Comes from Roman times, where St Celia was the patron saint of music and musicians.

Charlotte: A derivative of Charles, meaning full grown man.

Cindy: A Derivative of Cynthia.

Clara: Meaning Bright, Clear and Famous

Colette: Meaning ‘Victory of the people’.

Connie: Derivative of Constance.

Cora: Has a meaning from Greek mythology as a byname for Persephone.

Corinne: Meaning ‘Victory over the wreath’ from greek mythology.

Darla: A variant of Darling.

Dahlia: A flower, named for a Swedish botanist.

Deidre: Meaning young girl and no fear.

Dorothy: Means “gift of god”, this name was made famous in the Wizard of Oz.

Edith: Meaning Prosperity and fortune.

Eleanor: Meaning Light, torch and bright.

Ella: Ella is a German name meaning “Light”.

Eloise: Either comes from an Old French name meaning “healthy” and “wide”, or a Greek name relating to the sun.

Emma: Meaning Strength

Evangeline: Means “good news” in Greek.

Evelyn: A french version of the name Avila.

Faye: Variant of Fay, which means “fairy”.

Fern: Comes from the plant, has been in use as a name since the late 19th century.

Florence: Meaning blooming, flourishing and prosperous.

Frances: French feminine form of Franceis.

Genevieve: English form of a French name of unknown meaning, but likely related to the meaning “family”.

Georgia: A derivative of George, which means husbandman, earthworker and farmer.

Ginny: Shortened version of Virginia, which likely means “maid” or “virgin”.

Gloria: A Latin name meaning Glory

Grace: meaning eloquence or beauty of form, kindness, mercy, favor in Latin

Gretchen: Meaning Pearl in French.

Gwendolyn: Meaning White, Fair and Blessed.

Hattie: Shortened version of Harriet, which itself elated to the name Harry.

Harriet: Ruler or Home ruler in English

Hazel: In old english meaning “God See’s”

Helen: Meaning torch, light and bright.

Helena: A Latin form of Helen, which likely means “torch”.

Ida: Comes from the German word of “work” or “labour”.

Imogen: Meaning maiden or girl.

Inez: Originates from the name Agnes, which likely means “chaste”.

Judith: Comes from a Hebrew name meaning “woman from Judea”.

Juliette: Originates from the name Julie, which itself is related to the Roman name Julius.

Kitty: Shortened version of Katherine, of which it’s many potential meanings is “pure”.

Lana: A Hebrew name meaning God will add, God will increase.

Lenore: Short version of Eleanor, which is of indeterminate meaning.

Lotty: Comes from the name Charlotte, a name that is related to the male name Charles.

Mabel: Comes from a Late Roman name meaning “loveable”

Marian: Meaning sea of sorrow or sea of bitterness.

Marilyn: Meaning Lake and derivative of mixed names.

Matilda: Meaning might and power, powerful in battle.

Margot: A Greek meting of pearl.

Mary: A Hebrew name meaning rebllion

Mercy: compassion, forgiveness, pity in latin.

Meridith: Meaning sea protector

Mildred: gentle, mild, generous in old english.

Myra: A name created by a poet in the 17th century, thought to be related to myrrh, the fragrant resin from a tree.

Nellie: Originally a nickname from Nell, this name probably traces its roots back to Eleanor, Ellen, or Helen.

Octavia: Means “eight” and is often given to the eight child in the family, or in a situation where eight is a significant number.

Odette: Likely comes from Odilia, meaning “wealth, fortune”.

Olive: Meaning a symbol of peace

Opal: Precious stone or jewel.

Penelope: This name could derive from a species of duck, or it could come from two elements that mean “threads” and “face,eye” respectively.

Polly: Variant of Molly, although the reason behind the letter change is unknown.

Quinn: Comes from an Irish surname meaning “descendant of Conn”, with Conn meaning “chief”.

Renata: This name comes from a Late Latin name meaning “born again”.

Rowena: The meaning of this name is unknown, but it may come from elements meaning “fame” and “joy, bliss”.


Sadie: Meaning Princess.

Selma: Meaning unknown, may be inspired by some 18th-century poems.

Stella: refereed to is another name for the stars.

Susan: A Hebrew name fore Lilly or flower.

Sylvia: Comes from a Latin word meaning “wood, forest”.

Tabitha: Means “gazelle” in Aramaic, and was made popular by 60s TV show Bewitched.

Temperance: From the English word meaning “moderation” or “restraint”.

Viola: Means “violet” in Latin, made famous by Shakespeare’s play Twelfth Night.

Winifred: Likely means “friend of peace” in Old English.

Yvette: This name traces its roots back to the Yew tree.

Vintage Names for Baby Boys

Giving your son an old school moniker gives him the chance to be timelessly classic in his life without a regretted name holding him down. These names are all about gentlemanly manners, and harking back to when live was easy, and that’s what it’s all about.


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Alfred: Meaning “Wise Counsel” or “Supernatural Beings”.

Alton: Comes from an Old English surname meaning “town at the source of the river”.

Amos: A nice short name that means “carried” in Hebrew.

Ashley: An Old English name meaning ‘wood, clearing, meadow, enclosure’.

Augustine: Meaning great and venerable in Latin.

Basil: Comes from a Greek name meaning “king”.

Bernard: Originally derived from German words meaning “bear” and “brave”.

Bertrand: A German name meaning “Bright Raven”.

Blair: Meaning plain, level or dweller on the plain in Scottish.

Carleton: Meaning freeman, peasant, man in Old English

Carter: From an English surname that relates to professions involving a cart.

Claude: From latin language meaning ‘Lame’.

Clement: Comes from a Late Latin name that means “merciful, gentle”

Dorian: First used in the Oscar Wilde novel Picture of Dorian Gray, it’s likely related to an ancient Greek tribe.

Douglas: A Gaelic name meaning dark, grey and Blue.

Dustin: From an English surname, which itself traces its roots to Norse mythology and the god Thor.

Edgar: Meaning prosperity, fortune, riches

Edison: An Old English name meaning “Short: Ed. Pet: Eddie, Eddy”.

Elijah: A biblical name meaning “my God is Yahweh”.

Elliot: In old French this name means ‘Jehovah is God’.

Ernest: In Old German Meaning “earnest, resolute”.

Everett: Traces its roots back to the name Everard, which means “brave boar”.

Ezra: Name in Hebrew meaning ‘To help’.

Fletcher: From a surname that means “maker of arrows”.

Floyd: A welsh name for “Gray”.

Foster: From Middle English meaning “a maker of scissors, a shearer”.

Franklin: Originally from an English surname, the meaning of which is “freeman”.

Garth: Middle English Garth Meaning “an enclosed yard or garden”.

Grady: Comes from an Irish surname meaning “noble”.

Grant: This was an English and Scottish surname, which comes from a French word meaning “great, large”.

Hank: Distantly related to either the name John, or possibly Henry.

Hugh: Comes from a Germanic word meaning “heart, mind, spirit”.

Ira: A short and simple name that means “watchful” in Hebrew.

Irving: Comes from a Scottish surname, the meaning of which is likely “green water”.

Ivan: A Russian name meaning, ‘God is gracious’.

Jacob: A Greek name meaning seizing “by the heel, supplanting”.

Lance: An Old German name meaning, “a light spear, a lance”.

Jefferson: From an English surname related to Jeffry, which may mean “peace” and either “territory” or “foreign”.

Jeremiah: A biblical name meaning “Yahweh has uplifted” .

Jeremy: Meaning “the Lord loosens, God will uplift” In Old English.

Lance: It originally comes from a German name, but is now more associated with the French word for “spear”.

Leonard: Comes from a German name meaning “brave lion”.

Luther: A  German Name meaning “Famous in war”.

Logan: This is a Gaelic name Meaning “a little hollow”

Marshall: Originally a surname, it comes from two German words put together, meaning “horse” and “servant”.

Miles: The meaning of this name isn’t properly known, but it may mean “gracious”.

Nathaniel: Comes from a Hebrew name meaning “God has given”.

Noah: Derived from a hebrew name meaning “rest and comfort”.

Oliver: Derived from the name of olive tree.

Otis: From a surname related to Otis, it means “wealth, fortune”.

Oswald: Originally from Old English meaning “god” and “power, ruler”.

Phineas: A biblical name originally, which may mean “serpent’s mouth” in Hebrew.

Penn: Means “head, top” in Welsh, which came from two characters from Welsh legend.

Quentin: Comes from a Roman name meaning “five”.

Ralph: From the Old Norse meaning “Wolf”.

Reed: This comes from an English surname that may mean “red” or “clearing”.

Rufus: From a Roman name meaning “red-haired”.

Saul: A Hebrew name meaning “asked for, asked of God”.

Sebastian: Comes from the name of a town in Asia Minor, which was named for the Greek word “venerable”.

Seth: Meaning “appointed” form old English language

Silas: Likely a short version of Silvanus, which means “wood, forest”.

Sterling: An English name meaning “a starling, a type of bird”.

Theodore: Comes from a Greek name meaning “gift of God”.

Terence: From a Roman family name, meaning unknown.

Virgil: This one is a Roman name that doesn’t have a clear meaning, but it was made famous by a Roman poet.

Wade: An Old English name meaning “ford, wading place”.

Winston: Once a surname, that itself comes from an Old English word meaning “joy stone”.

Wyatt: Comes from a medieval name that has two elements  “battle” and “brave, hardy”.

Zachary: A Hebrew name meaning “God remembers, memory”

Zane: A variant form of John “God is gracious”.

At the end of the day, we can’t say anything about how your kids will turn out, but a good name always gets them off to a good start.Classy Vintage and Old School Baby Names


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