Classes Resume Hours After Student Dies In North Carolina School Shooting

Classes Resume Hours After Student Dies In North Carolina School Shooting

Classes were back in session the same day a student died in a school shooting in North Carolina

If you ever needed evidence that we’ve become all too desensitized to school shootings in the U.S., here it is. A student was shot and killed at a high school in North Carolina, and on the same day, classes in that school were resumed. Students had to go to class just hours after one of their peers died. In a school shooting.

Let that sink in.

Butler High School is located just outside Charlotte, North Carolina. Police told news outlets they responded to reports of a shooting there just before 8 a.m. The student who was shot was taken to a nearby hospital in critical condition, and later died. Another student was taken into custody, and police reportedly have possession of the gun that was used.

Butler High was on lockdown for just over an hour during the incident, which police said was “an isolated incident and the scene has now been secured.” Reports say parents were notified by phone. And then all the students, who surely knew one of their classmates was now dead because someone shot them on school grounds, headed to their next class like it was any regular Monday. What the fuck, North Carolina?

State Superintendent Mark Johnson released a statement, but nowhere in it did he try to justify requiring students to go right back to class. Police reported information from the scene to local news outlets and apparently, the day will now go on as normal.

“I am heartbroken to hear that we have lost a student to school violence in one of our schools,” he wrote. “We have contacted Charlotte-Mecklenburg authorities and will assist in any way we can, but of course our first thoughts are for the parents and other loved ones of the student who passed away. The safety of our students is paramount. This is a sad day for all of North Carolina, and we must work together as a community to address these problems.”

Maybe the first step would be to give all your traumatized high schoolers the day off, and not require them to be in the very same building where their peer was shot and killed just hours before.  But considering school shootings are near daily occurrences in this country, it’s no wonder they’re becoming practically part of the routine. The fact that we expect our kids to be so numbed by this, so used to it, that they can go straight to second period after a shooting is absolutely absurd. We can do better. For the sake of our kids, we have to do better.

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