Best Toddler Kid Headphones 2020 According To Mom

Best Toddler Kid Headphones 2020 According To Mom

Looking for something to occupy your busy-body, overly fussy toddler? If you’ve already tried ALL the things, we have a little secret: toddler headphones. Whether you opt for screen time or stick to mostly music, these bad boys give your sweet, but high-maintenance kiddo, their own little world of volume-controlled sound and distraction from minutes to hours. Perfect for car rides, plane travel, or just some at-home chill time. We’ve got all kinds of options here, too: magical, glowing unicorns, travel-friendly finds, and even headphones themed around their favorite Disney characters (oh hey, Elsa!).

Check out our picks and get that Netflix queue or Caspar Babypants album downloaded STAT. Happy listening #toddlermamas.

Designed with little ears in mind, these panda headphones have soft muffs, a volume restrictor, and easy sharing capability. The headband is adjustable, twistable, and bendable, with a durable, tangle-free, food-grade plastic cord. Talk about toddler proof!


Let your little tiger roar with their favorite tunes. Ferociously cute, these are BPA-free, non-toxic, tear-resistant, and totally comfy. Featuring a volume limiter for hearing protection and adjustable headband for the perfect fit.


Now your tiny tot can blast Elsa’s ballad WITHOUT you having to listen to it a million, bajillion times on repeat. Adjustable volume control and high-quality sound make this one a favorite for mamas and kiddos. Padded pivoting muffs and an adjustable headband mean custom comfort and long-lasting durability.


Say hello to the perfect travel headphones, with hands-free bluetooth technology that can last for up to 10 hours of music. That means no more worrying about tangled cords or dead batteries, pretty much ever. We love the foldable headband and volume control for those sensitive little ears.


There’s so much to love about these cat-eared headphones: volume restrictors, noise-canceling headphone muffs, a foldable design, and light-up ears. They’re also built to withstand toddlerhood with durable materials and an adjustable headband.


These are so cute we want some in our size. The volume control switch is great for noisy airplanes and a built-in microphone makes hands-free calling with friends and family easy peasy. Pinch-free hinges keep little ones fingers safe and multiple jacks allow for device sharing.


How adorable are these? Easy to adjust and durable, this design will survive toddlerhood in style. They are also volume-limiting for hearing protection and made with food-safe, non-toxic materials.


Stylish and affordable, these have just about everything you look for in a set of retro-style headphones: great sound, a plush, adjustable headband, and a travel-friendly design. Just a heads up that these don’t have a volume limit, but if you trust your tyke to keep it low then $10 is an unbeatable price!


We wish we could wear these headphones at work without getting judged. The cute kitty cat design is lightweight, foldable, and travel-friendly. A 10-hour battery life means convenient hands-free listening, but there’s also a cord included if your LO wants to be plugged in. A slightly higher volume limiter makes it easier to hear in noisy environments.


These are the party headphones every toddler needs in their life. The magical unicorn design lights up for extra wow factor and has an off button for when mama has had enough. Foldable and lightweight, they travel well. Made from super soft, toxin-free, and durable materials.


Who needs another trip to Disney when you can dress your toddler up in their own Minnie Mouse headphones? Quality sound and an adjustable volume limiter provide a safe and fun listening experience for your little one. The adjustable headband and padded pivoting ear cushions keep things comfortable and customizable for their tiny heads.


Extra plush up top, these headphones provide comfort and style for your little music lover. With a tangle-resistant cord and folding design, they’re great for travel or everyday use. We love the SharePort feature that lets the kiddos share one device without a splitter.


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