Best Nightgowns For Women According To Mom 2020 – Cotton Nursing

Best Nightgowns For Women According To Mom 2020 – Cotton Nursing

If you’ve ever wished for a world where it was acceptable to wear pajamas to work every day, congratulations—you’re now living in it (albeit not really by choice, if you’re working from home due to the pandemic). And while that ratty old “Kiss Me I’m Greek” T-shirt from your sorority days in college some 20 years ago might be the comfiest thing you own, it probably—actually, definitely—isn’t the cutest. A.k.a. it’s not going to do wonders for your self-esteem (have you seen yourself in that thing in the mirror?!), your sex life (has your partner seen you in that thing in the bedroom?!) or your career (has your boss seen you in that thing on Zoom?!).

Enter the nightgown. The grown-up nightgown, that is. Sleep dresses are becoming a big trend—and we’re very here for it. Kinda sexy, kinda chic, and a heck of a lot soft, the nightgowns of today are exactly what we want to be curled up in all night long. And there are plenty of options out there, from fancy silk nightgowns (looking at you, Eberjey) to affordable cotton nightgowns (hey, Amazon!) to pretty, feel-good nursing nightgowns. To help you drift off in style—because, as your mom always said, you never know who you’ll meet in your dreams—we’ve rounded up the best nightgowns you can buy online right now below.

If you haven’t seen this wildly popular Free People dress—which also comes in just the bralette and also a maxi dress version—please step out from under the rock you’ve been living in (a.k.a. the house you’ve been quarantined in) and join us in 2020. And it’s no surprise that the Adella Slip has hundreds of positive reviews—its scalloped lace top is absolutely breathtaking (we’re talking straight off an Instagram influencer’s feed) and the flowy, ruffled skirt is equal parts stylish and comfortable. Available in 21 gorgeous colorways including charcoal, rose and sea mist, it’s everything we never knew we needed in a nightgown.


Think a nightgown that’s equal parts cute and comfortable exists only in your dreams (pun intended)? Think again—because you can buy said nightgown for less than $20 on Amazon. Featuring a beautifully embroidered neckline, the sleeveless sleep dress has nearly 2,000 (!!) glowing reviews from shoppers who rave that it’s flowy yet flattering and hugs in all the right places (praise be). And there are options for every size, shape, and type of mama—not only is the nightgown available in eight pretty colors from classic navy to bright orange, but it also comes in sizes small to 3X. We’ll take one in every color, please and thank you.

$17.99 AT AMAZON

How did Keira Knightley win over Mr. Darcy? It could’ve been the fact that she’s, well, Keira Knightley (hello, supermodel looks) but we’re betting it was her modest-yet-somehow-still-sexy outfits. And now you can channel your inner Elizabeth—and surprise your own Mr. Darcy—with this cotton nightgown. The button-up front and high neckline combined with the flirty ruffled hem and slightly sheer material are giving us all the Pride and Prejudice vibes in the best way. You can go with classic white a la Keira or mix it up with baby blue, pale pink, or a Victorian-esque floral print. Jane Austen would be proud…

$44.99 AT AMAZON

So risque baby dolls and low-cut nighties aren’t your thing? We hear you—and we’ve got you. This nightgown from Nordstrom is the answer to your “I don’t want to look like a stripper in front of my kids” prayers. Made out of a stretchy jersey fabric that falls to your knee, it’s the dress version of Nordstrom’s cult-favorite Moonlight pajamas, which have thousands of five-star reviews. And as if the soft material wasn’t reason enough to click “add to cart,” the nightgown—which comes in ivory, blue, and black—also has the daintiest lace cap sleeve for that added touch of elegance.


In the words of Rihanna, we found love in a hopeless place with this nightgown. A.k.a. we found a slip that’s actually good quality and affordable in the black hole that is Amazon’s clothing section. The sultry spaghetti strap neckline is paired with a longer, knee-length hemline so you can wear it around your kids and your S.O. Take it from this mom: “It’s somewhere between ‘Gross, Mom…you’re not 25 anymore and that’s too tight’ and ‘Gross, Mom…you look like you’re 85 and wearing a muu-muu.’ My partner didn’t jump my bones but my kiddo didn’t throw up either so I’d say it’s a win!!!”

$17.99 AT AMAZON

Let’s be honest: Wearing an above-the-knee nightgown when you have a house full of little ones running around is about as practical as wearing stilettos to the next rec league soccer game. (There’s only so many times “We saw Mommy’s butt!” is funny before it gets old.) Fortunately, cute maxi nightgowns exist, like this one with over 1,400 rave reviews on Amazon. It comes in both sleeveless and short-sleeve options and plenty of bright colors and is praised for being very soft and breathable. More importantly, no matter which hem length you choose (regular, high-low, or side slit), it keeps covered what needs to be covered so you won’t be flashing the whole house this week.

$22.99 AT AMAZON

If only you could dress like Meghan Markle without taking out a loan the size of your house… Oh wait, you can! The former royal is a big fan of Eberjey pajamas which, while on the pricey side for us mere mortals, are still somewhat affordable and, according to reviewers, more than worth the splurge. This silky soft chemise is trimmed in the most delicate white lace and has a side slit that adds not only a bit of sex appeal but also makes it a lot easier to move around in (a.k.a. run after your toddler in). There’s a matching robe as well, just as soft and almost appropriate for opening the front door. This nightie is oh so classy, timeless, and oh-so-chic—all words we’d use to describe both Mrs. Prince Harry and you, mama.

$61.04 AT AMAZON

What your partner wants you to wear: A too-tight, itchy-lace-covered corset that costs way too much money at Victoria’s Secret. What you want to wear: That worn-in T-shirt that has a hole in the right sleeve (it’s comfortable, okay?!). Fortunately, you can get the best of both worlds—the va-va-voom factor and the comfort factor—with this nightgown from Amazon. It has a flirty floral lace trim and deep V-neck for a little bit of sex appeal but it’s also made of super soft modal cotton that’s just as good (if not better) than the fabric of your old tee. We aren’t saying you should ever compromise, but if you and your partner can both smile, that’s a win.

$18.59 AT AMAZON

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