Best Mermaid Costumes, Tails, Cakes and More 2020 According to Mom

Best Mermaid Costumes, Tails, Cakes and More 2020 According to Mom

True or false— you could do karaoke right now and recite all the lyrics to every song from The Little Mermaid? If your answer is true, then chances are that you love mermaids just as much as we do. And if that’s true, then so do your kids. It’s like princesses and unicorns— they can never get enough.

What is it about mermaids that have us all obsessed with mythical creatures? Could it be their ethereal beauty, their ability to freely swim all around the world, or their sweet, melodic voices (yes, if you’re Ursula). When summer turns up the heat, our inner mermaids start to leap out in search of the nearest beach (or water) to dip our fins. Who wouldn’t want to spend their days under the sea?

To be honest, it’s still hard to grasp why Ariel wanted to be human so badly. Then, we glance at Prince Eric and things become more clear. After watching The Little Mermaid for the umpteenth time, we weren’t proud to be humans. We’d wrap a blanket around our legs and pretend to be mermaids, and generations later, our kids are doing the same (in fleece mermaid blankets no less).

Thanks to Disney+, we can revisit our favorite mermaids in their classic animated form. When those films run their course and your aquatic youngster starts to believe they are actually mermaids, they’ll be asking for toys, books, and costumes to fuel their imagination. The more life-like, sparkly or rainbow colored the better.

So, take a deep dive into this list of the best mermaid must-haves that’ll make any sea-loving kid happy. And PS-Mermaids Are Real! (see below).

They are real and even more beautiful than we imagined, thanks to illustrator Holly Hatam’s vibrant, stunning imagery. If your LO ever wanted to know facts about mermaids, like what they eat (they’re vegetarian) or if they control the weather of the seas (you’ll have to read for this answer), Mermaids Are Real! will spill the secrets. It’s just a matter of time before the kids in school burst their bubbles about the Tooth Fairy and Easter Bunny, but we’re sticking with YES, merms are real.


Because every little boy or girl needs their doll, even when they’re in the tub (or the pool). Madame Alexander, known as one of the most beautiful, classic doll brands, created the Splash and Play Mermaid so they’ll never be without. This doll comes wearing a mermaid swim set and a hooded towel with tail (for real!) and also comes with a bottle and fish toy. She has a soft body for cuddling yet is fully submersible, so she can swim along with your mermaid for hours of bath-time fun. When they keep saying no, no, no to bath-time, we’d bet with this doll getting them out of the tub will be your newest mama problem. You can’t win them all, but your kids have all the luck.

$49.95 AT AMAZON

The next time your pre-teen mouths off and you send them to their room, they might calm down sooner with this Mermaid Decor Night Light Projector. One click of a button turns on the light and transports your angsty kid to an underwater oasis far, far away from you, their chores and their homework. The light has seven types of flash modes and angle adjustment plus built in speakers. It can also connect to their phone to play all the songs that encompass their emotions and really set the mood. After they’ve been in their seaside atmosphere, they’ll come out cool, calm and collected, ready to be the loving child you once knew, at least for the next hour or so. One reviewer said, “I redecorated my daughter’s room (mermaid themed). She loved all of the decorations, new bedding, and paint color. We then turned off the lights, and turned her bedroom into the ocean. She was seriously over the moon!”

$25.99 AT AMAZON

Maybe your child isn’t so much into Ariel but channels more of a Ben Stiller in Zoolander type of mermaid. If that’s the case then this Barbie Dreamtopia Merman Doll is perfect. Complete with the latest in mermaid accessories — notice this season’s pearl string necklace adorned with pink seashell and complimentary blue and white bangles. With a traditional colored ombre tail, this fishy citizen would make a great addition to your underwater community. It also bends at the waste which makes imaginary play more fun by pretending the mermaid is actually swimming. One happy grandma said, “My grandson likes the Barbie Dolphin Magic movie, so along with the Barbie mermaid, we got him this merman Ken and he loves it. The doll is really well made, with excellent detail in the features and in the fish tail/fin. It’s really awesome to show that mermaid toys aren’t just girls or just for girls.” Of course we’ve got the mermaid version, too, if you want a pair of merms.

$11.71 AT AMAZON

What do mermaids need most? Water. And with the Holy Sprinkler Splash Pad Mat you don’t need a pool to have water fun. This simple toy creates a miniature water park in minutes and lasts for hours of summer fun. The sprinkler pad is perfect for people who have children at different ages. Smaller children and older children can have safe water fun together. The outdoor water toy is easy to set up and easy to store. One reviewer said, “We got this in today, which was perfect timing for Easter! It wasn’t due until next week, so we were excited when they dropped it off early. My kids and I played with it outside. It was easy to set up, it squirts the water very high or just a little depending on how thought the hose is on, and it creates a little pool. Both my kids, 7 and 1, really loved it.”

$19.99 AT AMAZON

Level-up your toddler’s shoe game with these mermaid color-themed sneakers. The easy slip-on style will not only shave 5 minutes off of your dress time but will make going from sea to land even easier on pool and beach days. Of course, your lil’ wave chaser will love watching their shoes light up with every step they take. The shoe’s elastic laces inspire a sporty look. They’re lightweight, durable and the best part, they’re machine washable. Hallelujah! As we know, sometimes light up sneakers can be annoying AF, but these shoes tend to feature the lights in a way that won’t make you want to dump the shoes in the trash or hide them in a place your child can’t find them. One reviewer said, “Super cute shoes! My daughter really likes these- they are cute, comfortable, and the light up feature is fun without being obnoxious.” These sneakers and their iridescent motif are the perfect color scheme for summer days.


It’s time to make some waves. The Little Tikes Mermaid Island Wavemaker water table lets kids make waves with the easy-to use wavemaker wheel. It has five unique playstations and lets kids create their own weaves and send their characters sailing around the volcano island or send them down the waterfall slide. Kids can pour water with the bucket to create the waterfall, twirl the palm tree tops with water, wind or by hand, search for the hidden oyster shell, and spin the wheel to make a wave pool. One reviewer said, “Purchased this for my granddaughter after she had so much fun playing with her cousin’s water table. I had originally been looking at a kiddie pool but this has been sooooo much better! It’s a fun way to play in the water without having to drain and fill a whole pool. For a small toddler who moves quickly from one thing to another this is the perfect solution and a great way to cool off on hot summer days! Love it!!”

$69.99 AT AMAZON

Mermaid tales are good for more than just swimming. Using the Creativity for Kids Mermaid Tail Jewelry Maker, you can create up to 10 sea-inspired pieces of jewelry in time to strut before summer ends. Braid, weave and knot your own jewelry with this kit that features braiding techniques that your young crafters will enjoy. The mermaid tail tool is easy-to-use and comes with charms, pearls, shells and sea glass beads to create accessories worthy of your mini mermaids. Use this craft kit on your own or as a group activity during small playdates. One reviewer said, “… I adore the quality of this product. It really looks the the type of jewelry a mermaid would wear. The beads and pendants are so lovely. I think this is a good way for younger children to be creative and artistic.”

$14.99 AT AMAZON

Straight from the underwater runway is this season’s Party Chill Mermaid Costume and Princess Dress. Go from the sea to land and back again with the 2 for 1 functionality of the dress. This royal style comes with the princess dress/mermaid costume, gloves, a crown, and a wand. And don’t worry, you won’t have to vacuum any loose glitter either. One reviewer said, “I bought this Little Mermaid costume for my 6 year old granddaughter in size 9-10 years. She’s tall and somewhat chubby for her age. This size fit her a little snug but she looked beautiful in it and it was long enough to just show above her ankles. The extra accessories included finished the look and she proudly showed off at her kindergarten Halloween party. Just make sure to size up a little if your girl is tall and a little heavier than most.”

$25.90 AT AMAZON

Now that you’ve gotten your wardrobe under control, it’s time for a makeover. Great for tweens, this sea-themed cosmetic will keep your child busy while they test out new techniques that are all the rage for this summer season. This kit comes with a mermaid tail-shaped eyeshadow brush, nine colors of eyeshadow, blush, two mini cosmetic brushes, lip gloss, hair chalk, fake tattoos, nail polish, nail stickers, a nail file, Dream Guide magazine and instructions. One reviewer said, “Bought this for my sister and she loved it, uses it almost all the time. She liked how soft the brush was. No allergy reaction occurred. definitely purchase again for a birthday gift. Arrived a day before.” Through this kit, your mermaids will develop fine motor, visual, and self-actualization skills. They’ll also be picture-ready for summer time selfies. The best part is, all makeup components are non-toxic and easy to wash off of their skin and clothes.

$19.99 AT AMAZON

The thing about magical creatures is that your child has a million practical questions about their existence and most of the time, we don’t really have the answers. “They aren’t real,” doesn’t seem to make the questions stop. In case your curious kiddo asks where to find mermaids or how to catch them, this book will help answer that question. The book is filled with vivid illustrations of mermaids. Just watch your kid closely after reading the book in case they really try to go out and find one. One reviewer said, “I bought this book for my 6 yr old niece because she loves mermaids and this book is full of objects that she can point out and name. The colors are so vibrant and it’s a really good quality book!” Once they’ve figured out how to catch a mermaid, they can check out a few of the other books in the series to find out how to catch a unicorn, dragon or the tooth fairy.


What’s summer without staying up late and sleeping until noon? Your little one will sleep like a dream in these cute and comfy pjs. These 100% cotton two piece sets (also available in other cute themes) offer a snuggly fit to ensure sweet dreams for your little mer-creature. One reviewer said, “These pajamas exceeded my expectations. I was concerned that they would be cheap pjs that run small. No way. The fabric is substantial and soft. I have made garments myself and so I noticed that the seams were well made. The sizing is generous. Washed them and the colors did not run. Fabric stayed soft. Would definitely buy them again.” For a slumber movie night option, opt for the live version of The Little Mermaid starring Auli’i Cravalho, Queen Latifah, and John Stamos now streaming on Disney+.

$17.99 AT AMAZON

Here’s another board game for your kids to beg you to play when all you really want to do is eat a block of cheese in the laundry room. In Mermaid Island, players work together to help mermaids beat the Sea Witch to Mermaid Island. The game includes a game board, three mermaid tokens, a sea witch, four wand tokens, spinners and instructions. The game is for 2 to 6 players and ideal for children ages 5 years and older. The good news is that this game only lasts about 15 minutes and can help children learn strategy and develop social skills with no reading required. Spin the spinner and as a team, decide which mermaid to move. Watch out, make sure you avoid the Sea Witch. Use magic wands to move the Sea Witch back as your mermaids swim safely to Mermaid Island.

$17.29 AT AMAZON

Now that you’ve found your favorite mermaid item, check out other fun kids gear. Yes, there are princesses and unicorns, too.

Although we only recommend picks we really love, we may earn a commission on purchases made through links from our site.

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