9 Funny Christmas Tree Ideas

9 Funny Christmas Tree Ideas

Christmas trees are just so adorable that children just can’t get enough of them.

Christmas trees have always been the centre of attention this time of the year. With their sparkling decorations, colourful lights and amazing elegance – everyone is lured to them, especially children. But you know how children are when they’re around things they love, they just can’t help themselves sometimes that they get this extreme urge to just touch it or worse, break it. And of course, you don’t want to happen to your precious tree.


While some parents want their kids to have fun with the tree, others just go to great lengths just to keep their priceless tree safe and out of reach of children. Just like these Christmas tree ideas!

1. Guarding it with a fence

Awww. Poor little one!

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2. Wrapping it

Just like new!

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3. Putting it inside a cot

Too bad, this baby had to stay outside ’til Christmas ends

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4. Using wheels to make it super sturdy

So kids can’t tear it down..ever!

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5. Hanging it way up on the ceiling

So, kids – have you found a way to get there now?

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6. …Or upside down!

Who does this?

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7. And putting the lights up there, too!

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8. …Or make a really small tree and hang it upside down up the ceiling

Looks like a chandelier than a Christmas tree to me

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9. …Or just upside down on the floor

With the perfect balance, this will give your kids more space to play under the tree.

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Do you have more funny Christmas tree ideas?

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