8 Epic Baby Shower Cake Fails

8 Epic Baby Shower Cake Fails

What better way to welcome a baby than to have a baby shower cake. 

Who doesn’t love cakes?

They’re often the centre of celebration, and for baby showers, it’s what we always look for. There are tonnes of baby shower cake ideas for sure, but for some, they just take the idea too literally, resulting in a fail. Here are some baby shower cakes that just don’t seem right.

A baby without eyeballs is just plain creepy!

Is that baby made out of bacon???

What your baby’s ultrasound result looks like in a cake…

This is what welcoming a baby “literally” looks like.

Should we be happy or scared?

Yes, this is a placenta cake.  Because placentas are so attractive.

Is it what I think it is? A vag torte?


Now, you have every right to cry with this kind of cake…

So, do you want a piece of these baby shower cakes?

8 Epic Baby Shower Cake Fails | Stay At Home Mum

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