7 Reasons To Make Dollar General Your First Stop For Back-To-School

7 Reasons To Make Dollar General Your First Stop For Back-To-School

The hustle and bustle struggle of back-to-school is real. You have to get ALL the things, then you have to go back and get the stuff your kid forgot, and then — because you’re only human — you need to stop and look at those throw pillows because, dang it, you deserve more decorative pillows. 

Back-to-school shopping doesn’t have to be a struggle, though. What if I told you that from school supplies to snacks, and lots of stuff in between, you can get it all at Dollar General? Seriously. Here are seven reasons that Dollar General needs to be your first stop for back-to-school shopping:

1. You Don’t Have to Guess What You Need 

Instead of walking through the store trying to figure out what supplies your kid will need in their new grade, you can find and print your school’s back-to-school list online at DG.com.

2. The Prices Are Right

Dollar General is known for its low prices, and they really show them off during the back-to-school season. With deals like a Crayola Classic Markers – 10 Pack for $1.50, Crayola Pre-Sharpened Colored Pencils – 12 Ct for $1.00, and Crayola Crayons – 24 Pack for $0.50, you’ll be really glad you stopped at Dollar General first when you get to the register and see your total. 

3. The Basics Cost Less 

There are some school supplies that you’re going to have to buy every year without fail. Dollar General knows this, so the basics always cost less there. From Imagine All-Purpose White School Glue, 4 oz — for $0.25 each, to Two Pocket Plastic Portfolio Folder – Assorted for just 3 for $1.00, you can stock up on the supplies you’ll need over and over again, without going broke.

4. Save Even More With Digital Coupons 

Even when the prices are good, I still love a good coupon. It just makes me feel like I’m saving on top of saving. Look for a $5 off $15 Dollar General digital coupon on school supplies, and don’t forget to check out the hundreds of other coupons on the site.

5. Bundles Make Shopping Even Easier

Here’s where Dollar General has really changed the game. Their back-to-school bundles make it easy for you to get all of the basic supplies you’ll need for your child based on their grade level, shipped to your house with just one click. 

6. Dollar General Has Your Favorite Brands

Crayola, BIC, Elmer’s ⏤ it’s like a who’s who of school-supply brand names when you walk into Dollar General. They have all of the back-to-school brands we know and love, just at a better price than most other stores. 

7. You Can Even Stock Up on Snacks

If you asked my child, the most important reason to stop at Dollar General first for back-to-school shopping is the snacks! (Let’s face it, they probably get that from me.) Lunches are a big deal at school. Pick up the best snacks to fuel your kid’s brain at the same time that you get the supplies they need, to ensure they have a great year all-around. 

Dollar General should be the first stop for back-to-school shopping because you can get all your list-items at savings you’ll love. From Back-To-School Bundles to your favorite brands, Dollar General has it all ⏤ just for less! 

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