55 Hairstyles To Tame Frizzy or Curly Hair

55 Hairstyles To Tame Frizzy or Curly Hair

Not all of us have straight and manageable hair.

In fact, most of us have curly if not hard to style hair, and there are more who have frizzy or kinky that makes it even harder to manage.

And so we decided to put in a list some hairstyles that you can do to tame your frizzy or curly hair. If you want to straighten your hair using a hair straightener, that would be fine but you run the risk of damaging your hair. Here, there are easy hairstyles that you can do for your curly hair even without the help of your hair straightener. So, try some of these hairstyles now and see what suits you best!

Up Do

1. Low Rolled Updo

2. Simple French Roll

3. Easy Chignon

4. Wrapped Headband Updo

5. Scarf Updo

6. Twist and Tuck

7. Twist and Pin

8. Pineapple Hair

9. Twisted Top Knot

10. Curly Top Knot

11. Curly Braided Updo

12. Lace Braided Updo


13. Bohemian Side Braid

14. Side Dutch French Braid

15. Dutch Sister Braid

16. Boxer Braids

17. Pull Through Braid

18. Infinity Braid

19. Rope Braids

20. Dutch Mohawk Braids

21. Pigtail Braids

22. Sideswept Dutch Braid

23. Boho Chic Faux Braid

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Half Up Do With Braids

24. Half up Pull Through Braid

25. Half Up French Braid Crown

26. Half-up Infinity Braid

27. Half Up Do With An Accent Braid

Half Up Do

28. Half-up High Ponytail

29. Half Updo Half Bun

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30. Easy Heart Hairstyle

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31. Everyday Flip Twist Ponytail

32. Fuller, Longer Ponytail

33. Looped Ponytail

34. Bubble Ponytail

35. Braid-Wrapped Bubble Ponytail

36. Looped Twist Pony

37. Flip Twist Ponytail

38. Double Lace Fishtail Pony

39. Audrey Hepburn Ponytail

Braided Crown

40. Messy Braided Crown

41. French Braid Tie Back

42. Stacked Fishtail

43. Bohemian Arrowhead Braid

44. Scarf Plait


45. Bouffant Bun

46. Curly Twisted Bun

47. Reverse Braided Bun

48. Triple Curly Bun

49. Braided Bun

50. Braided Messy Bun

51. Rose Bun

52. Double Dutch Braid Bun

53. Space Buns

54. Ballerina Bun

55. Twist Doughnut Bun

Which of these hairstyles for curly hair is your favourite?

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