50+ Christmas Side Dish Ideas

50+ Christmas Side Dish Ideas

Christmas wouldn’t be complete without scrumptious side dishes to compliment the main!

Side dishes add the extra flavour to pull the meal course together, check out the most delicious side dishes we could find in the internet!

With any Christmas Dinner that involves gravy, a delicious freshly made bread roll should be there to mop up all the remains on the plate (and make it much easier for you to wash up).  The sweet potato is a great addition to this recipe – it would make the rolls a lovely golden colour, and give a dense sweetness to the bread!

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You don’t have to use Dutch carrots in this recipe if you don’t want to.  Sure, they look bloody gorgeous and all, but they are so freaking expensive – and they are just, well, carrots! So feel free to cut them into small slices instead.

50+ Christmas Side Dish Ideas | Stay At Home Mum
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Cauliflower tastes terrible if it doesn’t have cheese on it.  It’s the truth.  If you like cauliflower steamed on it’s own, you had a deprived childhood and I should have a stern word with your parents!  This way though, they are so bathed in cheese and garlic, you can hardly even TASTE the cauliflower.  That’s a win/win situation if you ask me!

50+ Christmas Side Dish Ideas | Stay At Home Mum
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