5 Reasons to Consider Getting A “Sleep Divorce”

5 Reasons to Consider Getting A “Sleep Divorce”

Some people split up and stay under the same roof, sleeping in other rooms either to save face with the outside world or because they can’t afford to move out.

Then there are couples who are perfectly happy in their relationships, except they just can’t share a bed or a room with their other half anymore.

In fact, by moving in to different rooms they can actively save their relationships, especially if issues related to sleeping are affecting their happiness with one another.

Dubbed a “sleep divorce”, these couples stay apart at night time, while the rest of their relationship remains the same.

Sleep disorders like insomnia and sleep apnea are getting more and more common, and also reported to be on the rise. It isn’t surprising that these factors could lead couples to opt for separate bedrooms. Having a good night’s sleep is super important, we all know that.

Ongoing disrupted sleep can really mess up your health and put you at risk of developing a variety of serious illnesses such as cardiovascular problems, diabetes and obesity.

Researchers have found it can also affect your relationships – lack of sleep is believed to diminish positive feelings you have towards your partner (seems like a no-brainer if their sleep behaviour is leaving you feeling like a zombie!)

They also found that those who had lower sleep quality demonstrated lower levels of gratitude and were more likely to have feelings of selfishness compared with those who slept well. Poor sleepers also showed less of a sense of appreciation for their partners.

These are the main reasons for couples to call it splits at sleep time:

1. Conflicting schedules

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If one is an early bird and the other is a night owl, either naturally or because of things like shift work, they can end up disrupting one another’s sleep.

2. Disrupted sleep

5 Reasons to Consider Getting A -Sleep Divorce | Stay At Home Mum
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If you have a partner who disrupts your sleep with heavy snoring, tossing and turning, even talking in their sleep too much, after a while it can get extremely old.

3. Different sleep environment preferences

5 Reasons to Consider Getting A -Sleep Divorce | Stay At Home Mum
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One might prefer a hard mattress, one might prefer it to be soft. One might like to sleep with the lights on or with white noise from a TV and radio while the other prefers deathly silence. One might like the room to be freezing cold, the other might like the heater on and an electric blanket and the heaviest, warmest doona in the world. You get the picture… sometimes, we just literally can’t sleep in the same environment as one another.

4. Different sleep habits

Along the same lines as the sleep environment. Sometimes, one partner might like sitting up surfing the web on their smartphone or tablet and watching TV late into the night, preventing the other one from going to sleep. These habits can drive the other partner spare.

5 Reasons to Consider Getting A -Sleep Divorce | Stay At Home Mum
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5. Co-sleeping conflicts

Some parents just don’t sleep very well if they’ve got kids in the bed with them (some people are able to cope with random elbows and knees digging into their soft tissue courtesy of restless toddlers much better than others) or disagree about co-sleeping altogether, and end up sleeping apart.

Do you sleep apart from your partner?

5 Reasons to Consider Getting A -Sleep Divorce | Stay At Home Mum

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