5 Amazing Vibrators for Women Doing it For Themselves

5 Amazing Vibrators for Women Doing it For Themselves

Whilst talking in the office last week, we got talking about vibrators, and how many of them each of us has. 

The numbers varied. Some had just the one, others had six or seven. Every shape, every colour, every style. But what surprised us the most was the answer from one of our younger staff.

“I’ve never owned one…”

Well, this made all of us want to go out to the nearest Adultshop right away and pick one out for her (purple is her favourite colour, so that’s easy!). But she was mortified.

“I have a boyfriend, I don’t need a vibrator…”

Ohhh honey, honey honey…

ALL women need, deserve a vibrator. Men have a very handy thing called a hand, but for us gals, getting to the Big ‘O’ isn’t quite that straightforward. And a good vibrator is just essential – no matter our age! If you have yet to experience the sheer thrill that a vibrator can bring, then please, go out right now and do yourself a favour.

Here are our favourite picks of earth-shattering, toe-curling vibrators!

Why we love it:

The OVO doesn’t LOOK like the average vibrator. No gaudy veins, bright colours or a set of balls hanging off the side. It is streamlined and beautiful. Beautiful enough that if the kids found it in your top drawer, they probably wouldn’t giggle because it isn’t exactly obvious what it is. It is sleek and sophisticated and we love the colours (it comes in baby blue too).

Best Bits:

  • It is ‘whisper’ quiet. So you can get off with the kids in the next room!
  • It has a 15-year warranty! I’m sure I can wear it out in that amount of time!
  • No batteries required! It is rechargeable.

Stay at Home Mum Staff give it a 9.3/10.

So pretty! This is the ‘Chanel’ of the vibrator world

Find out more about Pinky Channel at Adultshop

Once you go black, you don’t go back! Rabbit has been the leading name in vibrators for years – but in the past, they have tended to be a bit over the top.

Best Bits:

  • It is quiet – remember how loud some of the older style vibrators were. “Mum, why are you brushing your teeth in bed????”
  • Rechargeable – no looking for batteries 10 minutes after you have started, only to take them out of the toys in the kid’s rooms.
  • 12 Speeds, 8 patterns.
  • Waterproof
  • Comes with a satin storage bag

Stay at Home Mum Staff give it a toe-curling 9.7/10.

It looks so wrong… but ohhhhh soooooo right!

Find out more about the Fifty Shades Freed Vibrator at Adultshop

I’m totally besotted with vibrators that don’t look like vibrators. This one is no exception. It looks like a great big ‘tooth’. The vibrations on this little pocket rocket are amazing. It has not just one, but TWO motors…WEEEEEEEEEE

Best Bits:

  • Speed Adjustable Motor(s)
  • Powerful!
  • Quiet and powerful
  • Compact size (11.6cm)
  • No batteries – rechargeable. Get up to two hours of pleasure in a single charge.
  • Waterproof (you can use it in the bath!)

Stay at Home Mum Staff give it a 8.9/10.

Earth-shattering vibes! Man-friendly too – and it has an app!

Grab yours at Adultshop

If you find that most vibrators don’t have enough power, you would be fairly familiar with the Hitachi Wand style Vibrators.  Supremely powerful, it is only a rare woman that can stand it at full throttle!

Best Bits:

  • Seven different modes of vibration, pulsation and escalation
  • If somebody finds it, it is just a ‘massager’.
  • It gets warm as it is used…
  • Waterproof
  • USB rechargeable

Stay at Home Mum Staff give it a 9.8/10.

The iVibe Select iWand Hitachi-Style Vibrator – pretty and practical!

We rate it the BEST vibrator for women on the market! Grab one from Adultshop

Gawd, I adore the name of this vibrator. And (from what I have heard) – it is amazeballs! It literally THRUSTS. Apparently, it is as close to real sex as a vibrator can give you – with added bells and whistles to make the experience mind-blowing!

Best Bits:

  • Added extra length so when it thrusts – it really gets in there deep! 22.5cm of pleasure!
  • Has six different functions of vibration with an additional six massaging patterns – to find the right rhythm for you!
  • Rechargeable – no batteries!
  • Has not just one motor – but TWO!
  • Meant to be the best vibrator on the market for G-spot pleasures
  • whisper quiet!

Stay at Home Mum Staff give this vibrator a 8.6/10.


The Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator comes in three colours, black, hot pink and purple

They are available at Adultshop.

So there you go – our five favourite women-friendly vibrators that will certainly make nights a lot more exciting – for both you – and your partner (if you are game!)

Which of these vibrators for women is your favourite?


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