36 Birthday Cake Ideas for Men

36 Birthday Cake Ideas for Men

Whether it’s your dad, your husband, or your brother, no man can say no to these cakes even if they claim they are not into sweets!

Because, come on! Look at the cuteness level of these desserts! One simply cannot not have it at the birthday buffet. Here are 36 awesome birthday cake ideas for men.

The Teenager

1. Because he can have his (burger) cake and eat it too.

2. Perfect for an outdoor barbecue party!

3. This is awesome! But better prepare a ‘real’ pizza too, just in case!

4. Who would have thought a cake can look as dapper as this?

5. Imagine your dad serving this to the guests, asking, “Who wants the burnt one?”.

6. No one can pull off a poker face after seeing this!

The Dad

7. How “dad” can this cake get?

8. Adorable! Don’t worry, dad. If anything, this cake might just up your macho points.

9. This is so perfect for the crossword-loving, newspaper-reading, coffee-sipping grandpa!

The Traditional

10. A black chocolate cake – this is the very definition of elegance!

11. Who said rainbow cakes are too girly? This polo stack begs to differ!

12. Technically a classic chocolate cake, but there’s nothing ordinary about it!

13. Good old Black Forest Cake will always have your back – like your dad.

14. How about a birthday party cake for nostalgia’s sake?

15. Are you kidding me? Nothing beats a peanut butter + chocolate combo.

The Nerdy

16. Even if he can’t hurt a fly, your man is the Dark Knight on his special day.

17. For the ultimate Star Wars fan, nothing beats an edible R2D2!

18. If your dad has a closet full of bow ties and suspenders, you must get him this!

19. If you can’t afford to give him a gold Rolex on his birthday, this would be a good alternative. *wink*

20. We just can’t get enough of playing cards, can we?

The Grog Lover

21. To be honest? I had never imagined fawning over a beer-themed cake – but this is just too cute.

22. I imagine this ice bucket will be a big hit among his friends!

23. If subtlety is not one of your – or his – stronger suits, go for this!

24. Plus points for the salted pretzels on the side!

25. And even more plus points for the real bottles of Jack Daniels!

The Sports Enthusiast

26. I bet good money this will be the sweetest golf game he’ll ever play.

27. For any guy whose feet can never be too far from the sea.

28. This fishing-themed cake is really artistic and sorta creepy at the same time. Perfect, I guess?

29. Cake on fire for a big bike rider!

The Music Lover

30. For your musician brother, nothing but this cake to rock his birthday.

Numbers Game

31. Numbers aren’t everything but you gotta admit this cake is something!

32. This cake works for all gentlemen of any age.

33. The touching dedication at the bottom makes the cake a lot more special.

34. This colourful 80s cake is all kinds of awesome! But feel free to customise it according to your man’s preferred “decade”.

35. No other cake for the ultimate James Bond fan!

36. Finally, this race car-themed cake will take him on a good ride down memory lane.

Have you chosen a favourite among these birthday cake ideas for men?

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