35 Of The Best Furniture and Home Decor Online Stores in Australia

35 Of The Best Furniture and Home Decor Online Stores in Australia

When you outgrow the fashion and makeup phase of a gal’s life, most of us then proceed to decorate our homes with beautiful items that make our hearts glow.

Making our nest comfortable and beautiful is now pretty easy as more and more home decor shops are popping up, with everyone’s taste in mind. So if you are into modern, Hampton’s style, vintage or anything in between, there will be gorgeous home decor shops just for you. We have put together a list of the ones you probably already know about, and some smaller, boutique and bespoke home decor providers that might just have that perfect piece you have been looking for.

You are probably already fairly familiar with Adairs. It is located in many of the major shopping centres around Australia. Adairs has gorgeous manchester for bedrooms. Their sheets and quilt covers are to-die-for and they are starting to get into furniture. They even have a PET section now! If you are looking for kids home decor, they have a huge range.

Perfect for: Established homeowners or renters who want to buy quality products to enhance their living.

Discover their range of bed linens, towels, throws, cushions, dinnerware, decorator, among others that’s sure to fit your goals of a nice comfortable home you’ve been dreaming about.

Perfect for: Families who want comfort and class.

Fantastic Furniture is a discount furniture retailer that is located all over Australia. They specialise in living room furniture, bedding, rugs and dining tables. They are best known for their ‘Package Deals’ which involve buying a whole room of furniture at one price, which is perfect for newbies moving out of the home.

Perfect for: Student, new couples getting started, people on a strict budget.

Freedom Furniture has over 65 locations across Australia. They offer good quality furniture at a good price. They focus on living room furniture (sofa and lounge suites), rugs, coffee tables and armchairs.

Best Bits:

  • They offer 60 months interest-free finance.
  • All their furniture has a two-year warranty period

I would LOVE this lounge suite… sigh…

Amart Furniture has been around for 40 years and supply discount furniture at great prices. They focus on lounge room furniture, bedrooms, kids and office.

Perfect for: Discount shopper, the newly ‘out of home’ person.


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