34 Shades of Elf on the Shelf

34 Shades of Elf on the Shelf

Can’t get enough of our funny Elf on the Shelf ideas?

Well, Christmas is only several weeks away (what!), so we thought of giving you even more choices and ideas! Of course, we’re not staying away from the funny and naughty — you know you love it, too. *wink* These are so good you’ll want to have one Elf on the Shelf in every nook and cranny inside your house!

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1. Look who’s going to get busted this Christmas!

2. Don’t do this to me, Elf.

3. Go, Mr. Rooster. Tiptoe quietly into safety.

4. Elf is apparently the picture of sex appeal.

5. Bababa-baba-na no.

6. Look deeply into the soulless eyes of Barbie…

7. This is actually seems tame for Elf and Spidey.

8. Watch how Elf plunges into the depths of alcoholism.

9. No way, Elf!

10. Let me consider your offer for a moment… Nope.

11. Hard times obviously for Barbie. And Elf.

12. Who? What? Why? How?

13. I’m confused. Is Elf nervous or excited?

14. What’s even going on here? Ken looks ecstatic though.

15. Gee, thanks for vandalising my wall, Elf…

16. You did ask for naughty, right? I bet you weren’t ready for this!

17. I’d like to think he’s massaging Barbie’s scalp… Yeah right.

18. Are you ever gonna run out of mischief, Elf?

19. You know you’re a Dexter fan when… Oh.

20. Having fun, Elf?

21. Poor innocent dog… poor innocent peanut butter.

22. But maybe not in front of the children, Elf? Hello?

23. I shudder to think whose “candy cane” that is…

24. At least they both seem to be enjoying it!

25. Well, thanks, Elf, for helping me bake these treats… yeah.

26. Well, Elf isn’t the only naughty toy in the house!

27. What’s inside the box? Is it a prese — oh.

28. If you weren’t so cute I would have called the police.

29. A quiet pause, everyone, for struggling-to-get-by Barbie…

30. And moment of silence for Elf’s lost innocence.

31. And another moment. Or ten. And then some.

32. ‘Twas the night before Christmas… Mwahahahahahaaaaaaa!

33. Having the upper hand. *wink*

34. Yeah sure, I promise I won’t upload it to the internet…

Do you have more funny Elf on the Shelf ideas? Do share!

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