25 Terrible Real Estate Photos

25 Terrible Real Estate Photos

Sometimes you come across websites or Facebook Pages that are truly left of centre….

Would you buy or rent any of these houses? Hmmmm.

Scroll down to see more of what I mean:

Does it say ‘Surprise My Coconut?’…. I don’t think so!

Broccoli Soup Swim Anyone?

Just take a seat whilst I cook you a little sumpin sumpin…

Compensating for something???

Spot the toilet, and the basin…..


That cock in the corner..*facepalm*

And in the backyard is your kids very own pylon climbing frame….

Safety Yellow Alert

At least the carpet matches the curtains…

We Worship at the Church of Dicks

Someone must have very bad IBS….

Home is such a Safe Haven…

And the award for the Laziest Photographer goes to…

The pig comes with the house…in case you wondered

Just the creepy cat watching from the wall *shudder*

It looks very inviting…..

It’s called interior design….


That is some interesting wallpaper

A new addition to the pool I see..

A random stairway to a random door

“Drinkin’ with my bitch”…..nice.

At least it all matches?

Oh wow, this is just bizarre

Nice and Cozy


We thought to bring half the backyard inside..

Four doors for one apartment..

Handy spot for the washing machine

Have you found your next house?

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