23 Truly Terrifying Santa Photos

23 Truly Terrifying Santa Photos

When Santa looks like a crack addict it’s probably best for everyone if you don’t put your child on his lap.

Some of these Santas really make you understand why kids have an uncontrollable melt down, while others look like they’d try and sniff your panties as they listen to ‘the voices’ #creepy.

Check out these Bad Santa pics for a giggle:

Botox gone wrong! Looks like he just robbed a bank or what.

I’m confused is this Santa, Gandalf or Droopy?  

He sees you when you’re sleeping

Escape from Claus

You’ve been a really bad, bad, boy!

I could use a little joy over here

This is how Santa spends Christmas Eve…


He’s totally wasted Christmas

The shopping centre cut the Christmas budget… 

Hey Santa, watch your hand for Christmas’s sake!

His eyes wants to eat these two girls for Christmas dinner

Santa’s got halloween trauma

Hippie Santa needs a little shower and a hair dye 

Look at his beard mum, it ain’t real. 

Eye makeup game is strong.

Santa must’ve been a red-nosed reindeer in his past life

Merry Christmazzzzzzz

A Pinterest fail Santa.

The most sinister looking Santa

Zombie Santa.

This Santa needs a miracle! Or does he Saruman…

This is what happens to Santa when he falls down the wrong side of the chimney

While traditional Christmas celebrations have been going on for generations I can’t get past these hilarious and scary Santa Claus wardrobe malfunctions. I just hope this years potential Santa’s might spare a little time to get their costuming to be more ‘ho ho ho’ and less ‘stabby stabby’.

Do you have any hilarious or creepy photo with Santa? 

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