22 Gender-Neutral Christmas Gifts for Kids

22 Gender-Neutral Christmas Gifts for Kids

You’re probably looking for ideas for gender-neutral Christmas gifts which is why you ended up here.

Or maybe you’re done with the gift buying and wish you could do better next year.

Unless you know the child you’re giving the gift really well, the safest (and probably the best) choice would be to get them a gender-neutral gift. There are so many reasons as to why you should choose this route. First off, gender-neutral toys are less likely to be the gift option of others simply because we are conditioned to give girl toys to girls and toys for boys, for boys. That means, they won’t be receiving two of the same gift.

Gender-neutral toys also tend to be more useful and educational. Not all, but most.

Lastly,  it’s great for sharing. They can share it with their sibling, they can share it with their classmates or share it with their friends. It will invite another curious kid to strike a conversation and they all get to make friends!

Awesome, right?

Here’s a list of gender-neutral Christmas gifts. There’s a lot of options that’s great for any age, too! There are hundreds of gender-neutral toys but these are our favourite ideas:

1. Bus Ride-On Suitcase

2. xBox

3. Crayola Inspiration Art Case

4. Trampoline

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5. The Anki Cozmo


6. Telescope/Binoculars or a Microscope


7. Wahu Pool Basketball

8. Rainbow Projector

9. Urban Status Junior Neoprene Backpack

10. Tomy Megasketcher

11. Bubble Foam

12. Air Hockey Table


13. A Go-Find Metal Detector


14. Humpty Dumpty Classic Floor Puzzle


15. Slime Kit


16. Origami Kit

17. A Marble Run Kit

18. Kurio Kids Smart Watch 2.0


19. Walkie Talkie with 3km Radius

20. A Smart Sketcher Projector


21. Moki Kids Safe Headphones


22. Flute Recorder



These gender-neutral gifts for kids are awesome for Christmas, birthdays or for when they deserve a reward!

What’s your go-to gender-neutral gift?

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