20 Hilarious Photos Of Dads Embracing the Pregnancy Shoot

20 Hilarious Photos Of Dads Embracing the Pregnancy Shoot

Believe it or not but, dads really want to become a part of mum’s maternity journey, and with these photos, you’ll know they do…but sometimes, it comes out…just hilarious.

But really, we know dads are as happy as mums with the coming of a new baby that they want to be hands-on in every aspect of the journey. However, some do take it quite literally that in some pregnancy shoot, where it’s normally mums and their growing bellies that are the centre of attention, dads become the star and steal the scene…and mind you, they do it in style…just hilariously. Lol!

So, we got you a collection of hilarious photos of dads embracing the pregnancy shoot that you just can’t unsee. Enjoy!

1. When mum has “three melons” and dad has none…

2. Sizing up your belly, Dad? Well, how about a couple more bottles so yours can look like Mum’s. Lol!


3. Oh…well yours is actually bigger, Dad…

4. The bearded mum? Looks fishy to me. Lol!


5. Got ya! You think your eyes are fooling you? Nope. That belly’s actually Dad’s…I mean Mum’s…

6. That’s one giant baby coming up, Dad!

7. And another!

8. Yep, your fault, Dad!

9. The only way you’ll ever look pregnant, Dad…is with a ball on your tummy.

10. Peek-a-boo!

11. This maternity photo shoot is simply the best…until Dad came along…

12. Insane cravings…for nothing!


13. Nope. You’re not seeing things, Dad. You’re just going to be a daddy!

14. Mine,too!

15. Sorry Dad, not yours…

16. Which is bigger?


17. There’s no such thing as too much baby…but there’s such a thing as too much ice cream, Dad!

18. Okay so that’s enough Macca’s for today.


19. Umm….Dad?

20. Yep, that brand was maybe meant for that. Lol

Which of these hilarious photos of dads embracing the pregnancy shoot made you LOL?

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