19 Ways To Maximise Your Kitchen and Pantry Space

19 Ways To Maximise Your Kitchen and Pantry Space

Whether you have big or small kitchen and pantry space, nothing beats a tidy and organised one.

It’s the most commonly used area in the house so it easily gets dirty and messed up. However, it’s the easiest to organise if you know how.

Take a look below at the ways to maximise your kitchen and pantry space so you can start sprucing up your kitchen in no time.

1. Use under-shelf wire baskets.

2. Use jars and containers labelled to remove unneeded boxes and other clutter.

3. Use holders and rollers for boxed items to make more room.

4. Use bulk shelving on the doors of the pantry, they can fit so much stuff!

5. Sneaky shelving in nooks and crannies of the pantry.


6. A small sliding door pantry which is easy to install and hold a bunch of items from the pantry as well as utensils.

7. Baskets upon baskets that are labelled, such a great and handy storage idea.


8. Keeping produce fresh and out of the way, use bags to hang and hold contents for extra storage space.

9. Use hanging rods for all sorts of things that can be hung around the pantry.

10. Tension rods to hold utensils that get stored in the pantry.

11. Clip strip to hold and keep those opened chip and biccy packets closed to stay fresh and also out of the way.

12. Plastic office containers, see through and accessible to organise all contents form the pantry.

13. Wired shelves to separate everything easily.

14. Make the most of the corners of your pantry with circular pieces that make it easy to reach everything.


15. Filling all spaces of the pantry including the bottom shelves with items that can’t be organised into small containers.

16. Using a bench space for things like kettles, toasters, coffee cups, utilising the space for more storage.

17. Using wine holders and produce baskets for keeping food fresh and organised.

18. Roll out shelves for all those smaller items that get in the way when it comes to storage.

19. A rolling cart for food, ingredients and other kitchen items you use daily is a really great idea to remove things from your pantry and avoid cluttering it every now and them. It will save you a lot of time when you’re in a hurry to cook!

There you go! Tried and tested ways to squeeze more space out of your small kitchen and pantry…

How did you organise your kitchen and pantry?


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