18 Of The Worst Christmas Presents Ever Given

18 Of The Worst Christmas Presents Ever Given

Sometimes, we can get gifts where you smile and say thank you though secretly we are thinking, “What in the world?!”

These gifts are on a whole other level…maybe out of this world? Check out the worst and most ridiculous gifts possibly ever given.

1. Tea for Two. It would just feel wrong drinking from this.


2. Eww nooooo! Who even thinks of something like this?!


3. These are actually kinda cute, but still completely ridiculous.


4. This is seriously terrifying.

5. Handy, I guess?


6. If only these worked…


7. …it is relatable

8. I really don’t think this would even be used.

9. Oh My Gawwwwd, what are those?!

10. What would you actually say if you opened a box to see these?

11. A thoughtful gift?

12. Maybe fishing enthusiasts will love these.


Check out these gifts people have also received on Christmas day…

13. Recyled gift?

‘I got my own Christmas present back, the very next year.’ – Carol E

14. It should come in pairs right?

“I received one slipper.” – Robin R

15. Gingerbread dog biscuit?

“I received a gingerbread man cookie that was actually a dog biscuit.” – Voltron McYeti

16. She thinks he’s 3.

“I received a Mickey Mouse paint-by-number set from my Aunt. I’m 35 years old.” – Phil C

17. Can it even buy something?

“I received a $25 Target Gift Card, with 0.32c on it.” – Anon

18. So, who wins?

“Last year my boyfriend got a t-shirt from his dad that said ‘Let’s flip a coin, Heads I get tail, Tails I get head.”  Awkiesssss – Mandy V

What worst Christmas present have you ever received?

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