16 Cool Valentines Day Gifts For A Clueless Husband

16 Cool Valentines Day Gifts For A Clueless Husband

Men are notoriously bad at letting their significant others know what kinds of gifts they would like. As men, we own it. We suck at this. (Maybe you’re lucky and your husband tells you exactly what he wants. Of course, when he’s constantly begging for a Ferrari, he’s not f***ing helping the situation.)

When it comes to Valentines Day, you could buy some lingerie for yourself and wear it for him (if you feel like it and once the kids are asleep, of course, and we mean really asleep). But that’s probably not going to surprise him, considering which holiday we’re talking about. (Want to keep him on his toes? Try the lingerie trick on a random day in April. He’ll be surprised then.)

If you need some help finding Valentines Day gifts for your husband or boyfriend, don’t bother asking him. He probably has no clue anyway. (Although if he’s reading over your shoulder, he has the lingerie idea stuck in his head now. Our bad.)

Instead, keep him on his toes and use our list of creative Valentines Day gifts for boyfriends and husbands. With these gifts, you can give him what he wants before he even knows what he wants.

If you’d prefer non cheesy Valentines Day gifts for him, this waterproof Bluetooth speaker is practical. He can listen to his playlist while working outdoors or in the garage. Or he can use it when he wants to sing along in the shower. Loudly. (Even the best Valentines Day gifts for the husband or boyfriend occasionally have their drawbacks.)


Apple AirPods are so cool, they’re appropriate for any gift giving holiday. In fact, they might be too good for him. So, depending on how he behaves during the first few weeks of February, he may receive these AirPods or he may receive some earbuds you found in the $1 bin … and you may have a new pair of AirPods. #selfgifting


For the music lover, these framed song lyrics are great personalized Valentines gifts for a husband. You can customize this gift to display your husband’s favorite song or the romantic special song that you two love together. It’s a nice piece of artwork for the office or man cave. Bonus points if your husband suddenly realizes he’s been singing the lyrics incorrectly for years.


For the guy who loves attending concerts, sporting events, movies, or anything that requires a ticket, you can store the ticket stubs in this book to remember all of your favorites. Maybe combine this book with tickets to his favorite team’s next game or to an upcoming concert for a great pair of Valentines Day gifts for him.


When your significant other constantly complains that he has no idea what to do for date night or that he’s bored with the same old date night, first, tell him to stop whining. Second, try this cute thing to get your boyfriend for Valentines Day. It has 100 ideas for date night, giving you plenty of things to try. Sure, you receive some benefit out of this gift, too. But you deserve it.


Most guys like meat. And beer. And lingerie. This gift helps with item number one on the list. These exotic jerky sticks include elk, buffalo, and venison meat. He may enjoy this gift so much that he forgets about items number two and three on the list this Valentines Day.


Sure, you could give him a box of chocolates this year. But that’s not exactly the most creative Valentines Day gift for a boyfriend or husband. (And if he gives you a box of chocolates, feel free to show him the last sentence and let him feel the shame of being uncreative.) Instead, give him a sweet gift that reminds him of his childhood with this box of vintage candy. (We’re assuming it is fresh candy that mimics old candy, not the other way around.) Depending on the age of your sweetheart, there are boxes for decades from the 1940s through the 1990s.


Guys aren’t the best at taking care of themselves (hand cream, healthy foods, or lip balm), but if he hasn’t ever tried liquor-flavored lip balm, he may at least change his mind about caring for his lips with this gift. These three lip balms will remind you of an Old Fashioned, a Tiki, and a Negroni. He may not feel a buzz with these lip balms, but at least his lips will be softer and more kissable.


Those who love whiskey on the rocks know the challenge of having just the right amount of ice melt in the drink before it becomes too watered down to enjoy. This kit allows you to freeze a wedge of ice in the whiskey glass, and the shape slows the melting process quite a bit, allowing your husband or boyfriend to take his time while enjoying the whiskey. (Now if he would just take his time with a certain other thing on Valentines Night…)


If your significant other and you have trouble agreeing on ideas for places to travel, this book may solve the problem. It gives you more than 100 ideas for traveling to places all around the world that have amazing beer. During your trip, split your time among the beer experiences in the book that he’ll like and other local experiences that you’ll like, and you have a ready-made trip you’ll both love. (Your level of sobriety during the trip is up to you.)


If your husband or boyfriend needs a hobby, this Valentines Day gift works nicely … and it makes tasty beer. Win-win. Multiple flavors of beer are available in this kit, so you can find your significant other’s favorite, or he can create a new favorite.


Here’s a different idea for a hobby for the guy who’s not interested in beer. With this kit, you’ll be able to ferment your own hot sauce, which you don’t see all that often. Whether he likes to eat hot sauce or just likes to experiment while cooking, this could be a fun one.


For some guys, trying different hot sauces is a rite of passage. If your eyes aren’t watering and your nose isn’t running, it’s just not hot enough. This hot sauce gift set will challenge the taste buds and tear ducts, all while “spicing up” your Valentines Day. (Sorry. We weren’t going to use that predictable and awful pun in this particular story, and then we did anyway. Truly uncreative. Almost as bad as giving a plain old box of chocolates for Valentines Day.)


If you love it when you and your significant other cook together — or if you would love it if you two actually did cook together — this book is a fun place to start. It has dozens of great recipes that include alcohol as an ingredient. And if you sample that ingredient when you’re cooking … well, that’s kind of the idea. (Just remember, if you see multiple recipe directions on the page after sampling, focus on the one in the middle.)


If your husband or boyfriend loves grilling, this bacon flavored sea salt is a nice gift. (It’s also available in more than a dozen other flavors.) It’s the perfect finishing touch for steaks, chicken, and pork chops. Heck, it even works on grilled vegetables, adding a smoky flavor that will have him feeling like he’s now truly deserving of that World’s Greatest Grillmaster apron he received last Valentines Day.


If your guy likes gaming, this vintage-inspired Space Invaders arcade would look great in any man cave. It’s almost 4 feet tall, so it feels like the original machine, complete with blocky graphics. It’s a two-player game, so you can challenge each other … the betting stakes on this Valentines Day are up to you.


If you like these ideas and need more of them, we’ve put together a whole bunch of cool gift guides that take all the stress out of various gift giving holidays.

Okay, we exaggerated. Most of the stress. After all, your in-laws still might show up. We can’t help you there.

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