15 Best Drugstore Mascaras 2019

15 Best Drugstore Mascaras 2019

If there is ONE must have beauty product in your morning makeup routine, it’s mascara. Even for the no-makeup mamas, a quick curl of the lashes topped with a brush of mascara changes your whole game-face. This is the difference between looking fresh out of bed versus freshly put together and ready for the day. This is what says “I am awake and ready for y’all”!

The other thing you need to know about mascara is that it should never cost a lot. Seriously, we mean it. As little as $5 is really all it takes when it comes to mascara. Years of working with models and makeup artists on fashion photo shoots has taught us that Maybelline Great Lash, costing just $4, has been a celeb favorite for decades.

What’s new in the world of mascara is the different applicators. The shape of the brush and length of the bristle makes all the difference. If you have thin lashes, you need a thick brush to bulk them up. If you have straight lashes, you need a curling brush. And if your lashes are just lack-luster, you need a multi-shaped brush to add intense color.

See here our guide to the 15 best no BS mascaras of 2019. Whether you need something waterproof, easy off, no smudge, or with a pop of color, we’ve got your curly and straight lashes covered. Give your morning routine a quick change and while you’re at it, throw out that old mascara you’ve been using for too long. One year is the max shelf life for most beauty products.

The girls at Reddit swear by this mascara. The cobra shaped applicator brush reaches every single lash creating gorgeous, defined eyes even if your natural lashes are just average.


Great Lash Waterproof Mascara has been revered by famous artists and trusted by celebs for longer than we’ve been around. Want a one and done? This is it.


When you want volume, this is the winner. Get the brush deep at the base of the lash line and move it back and forth to add volume and depth.


Now that Birchbox offers featured products at Walgreens stores, you can try brands like Marcel IRL. This curved brush curls your lashes while spreading them horizontally for a wide-eyed look.


Just when you thought those teeny, tiny corner lashes were out of reach, L’Oreal comes into your life with a two position wand. Use it straight for the easy to get lashes then bend inwards to point into the eye corners. Comes in a washable and waterproof version.


Got straight lashes? This is the mascara you’ve been searching for. Worth the splurge, this mascara lifts and curls the lashes. Basically, it’s got a lash curler built in making the morning makeup routine just one step easier.


Coconut oil gives a creamy, whipped texture to this mascara leaving “coated” lashes looking thick and full.


You can skip the lash comb (yes, it’s a thing) with this clump-free mascara. The fine bristles do the separating for you and even those crazy lashes trying to go their own way will be brushed into place.


If you want a little change or have an event that warrants a little something extra, this mascara adds intense, wax-free color for your lashes. Keep your simple nude or shimmer shadow, but pop with Ultra Violet or Black Cherry for a new look.


This two in one mascara has a primer (the shorter brush) to get the lashes ready for the mascara (the longer brush). It’s like using an organic base layer pre-makeup that is paraben, silicone, and paraffin free.


When your natural lashes just won’t do, try a silk fiber mascara like this one. It adds fibrous layers to thicken your lashes giving them a much fuller, darker look.


This is your first layer of mascara, it’s called primer. Just like moisturizer goes on your face first, this coats the lashes getting them ready for the color of choice. It conditions, thickens, and tames the lashes and can even be used solo.


We love the hourglass shaped brush on this mascara, it adds volume without any effort. It’s thick without being clumpy and natural enough to use as an everyday essential.


Hypoallergenic and free of harsh chemicals, this mascara does the job without all of the hard to read ingredients. It’s a soft, black color that boosts 5X your natural lashes.


This dense little brush really grabs lashes from the base and extends them upwards, giving a thick, full look in just one application. No need to layer.


Mascara that lengthens and helps the lashes grow is a double yes as far as we’re concerned. No clumps, no flaking, and no overpaying for product, either.


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