13 Easy Kids Party Finger Food Ideas And Hacks For Any Celebration

13 Easy Kids Party Finger Food Ideas And Hacks For Any Celebration

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Your kid is leveling up in age and it’s time for another party. May we suggest some easy kids’ party finger food ideas? Whether they’re turning three, five, or ten, finding the right foods to please a group of kids is always a challenge. Sure, there are plenty of kid gourmets in the world. But, for every kid chef, there are five picky eaters surviving on chicken nuggets and easy mac. Appeasing a large crowd complicates exponentially.

The key? Find foods most kids already like, but present them in new and possibly festive ways. Another challenge, of course, is preventing the spread of cooties. Enter the ever popular term, “finger foods.” This might look like corn dog muffins, pigs in blankets, or just impossibly tiny sliders. Whatever you create, as long as it offers a vaguely familiar flavor and comes in “pincer grab” size, you’ll accomplish the tasks of feeding everyone without spreading too many germs. Then, again… you’re dealing with kids. So, may the odds be ever in your favor.

1. Mini-Burgers

You can buy pre-made sliders for this. Or consider looking for square, preprepared burgers and quartering them. When you can’t find buns that tiny, just wrap in lettuce.

2. Macaroni & Cheese Bites

Use a well-greased muffin pan (mini or regular sized) and add a scoop of boxed mac and cheese. The key to making these stick together into “muffins” is to add some extra shredded cheese to a box mix.

3. Fruit Kabobs

Pick your kiddo’s favorite fruits or create a rainbow on a kabob stick. To make them extra special, drizzle with chocolate.

4. Pancake Pops

You’re going to need to use a lot of patience for this in order to make those teeny, tiny pancakes. Afterwards, pop them on a fancy toothpick (or cake pop stick) and serve them drizzled in syrup or alongside shot-glass sized cups of syrup.

5. Corn Dog Muffins

These are so yummy and so, so easy. Start with cornbread mix and fill a muffin tray. Next, insert quartered hotdogs into the center. Once they’re baked, you’ll have corn dogs perfect for tiny hands.

6. Sammy Roll-Ups

Any sandwich your child likes can be turned into a roll-up. And, while it may just seem like your typical sandwich to you, to your kiddo, the fun shape makes it the perfect kids’ party finger food.

7. Mini-Bagel Pizzas

You know, like bagel bites. You could even set up a pizza-making station as a fun activity for the party.

8. Fruit Cones

Fill an ice cream cone with chunks of fruit. It’s literally that simple.

9. Ants On A Log

Remember these? Kids still love them. Just smear some peanut butter (or sun butter) onto a stick of celery and drop on a row of raisins for the “ants.”

10. Mini Donuts

You might have a mini-donut place in your town (we have a few) where you can order them decorated to match your party theme. However, don’t feel like you have to go all out like that. Pick up a few different kinds of mini donuts for the grocery, stack them in pyramids on plates and your kids will be in awe of your magic.

11. Taquitos

Taquitos are the rolled, crunchy cousins to tacos. They’re easy to make from scratch and even easier to buy in the frozen section. Also great: A crock pot full of queso with a ladle and cups or bowls for adults to help serve.

12. Single Serving Veggies and Dip Cup

Most kids love veggies and dip, but the typical tray set-up can be a little cumbersome (and icky) to navigate. Squeeze some dip into the bottom of cups and then fill the cup with veggie spears. You’ve made a healthy, colorful and mobile snack for your party-goers.

13. Pigs In A Blanket

Pigs In A Blanket are a kids’ party finger food staple for a reason — they’re bonkers good, fairly easy to make and perfect for little kid hands. Bonus: You can get your mini-me in on the action of making them.

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