10 Valentine’s Day Gifts That Mark Your First Year As A Parent

10 Valentine’s Day Gifts That Mark Your First Year As A Parent

It’s no secret that everything (yes, err’thang) changes once you have kids. It’s not all bad, of course, but let’s just say that you really learn the meaning of being selfless. From enjoying life’s simple pleasures—like a steaming hot cup of coffee—to squeezing in the time for a manicure, your attention has almost entirely shifted to BB. Another thing that will never quite be the same? Valentine’s Day. In place of shopping for sexy underthings, it’s all about hunting down conversation hearts (the non-chalky kind!) and plush stuffed dinosaurs. It’s not like we’re bitter or anything… 

Being new parents, it’s not uncommon to feel guilty about receiving gifts or buying gifts for yourself. But damn it—you deserve it mom (or dad). It takes a village to raise a human, and all your hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. From congratulatory gifts that acknowledge your first year as parents (woop, woop!) to incredibly heartfelt gifts that you’ll keep (and wear) for a lifetime, be sure to show yourself a little self-love this February 14. 

The next time you feel like you need a “time-out” from #MomLife (cleaning up vomit, no thanks), treat yo’ self to some grown-up mommy juice. These label stickers are too funnay… when accompanied by a bottle of red wine, this gift is guaranteed to lend some comic relief.


Eep! These ethically made diamond heart studs from Melissa Joy Manning are guaranteed to rack up the compliments every time you put them on. No shame, mama, if you add these to the cart without the hubs knowing. Goodness knows you’ve earned it.


Oh, baby! What a year it’s been as first-time parents. Insert “scared sh*tless” emoji here. Fill this baby board book from Artifact Uprising with your favorite (perhaps, not necessarily the most Instagrammable—but authentic) everyday moments from the past year. Time really does fly when you’re raising a human.


It’s a blanket! It’s a sweatshirt! It’s a hybrid of both. Best described as a wearable hug, The Comfy’s OG sherpa hoodie (as seen on Shark Tank) will keep you cozy AF this winter. Plus, it’s one-size-fits-all so you can share it with your partner.


So sweet. So simple. A fellow mom (Anthropologie shopper) said: “I’ve been wanting a necklace for my kids’ initial—they all have a name beginning with C—so when I saw this I thought it was cute and it is. I love it.” Awww, we agree.


Keepsake baby ornaments and mugs are so 2019. Enter a personalized pillow inspired by your favorite storybook classics (think along the lines of Winnie the Pooh and Curious George). While the parents’ names will appear as the “authors” of the book, your newborn will be turned into an illustrated legendary hero.


File this interesting contraption under thingamajigs new parents didn’t know existed but now won’t be able to live without. The next time you want 15 extra minutes of quiet, allow this baby shusher to work its magic. It’s powered by a real human voice to lull your baby to sleep through rhythmic shushing. 


We love the idea of gifting the mama in your life a customized piece that reflects her first year of motherhood. Not only is this girl charm (don’t worry, they have a boy one, too) super heartfelt but it’s the perfect addition to a simple chain bracelet or necklace they may already have.


How many times have you brewed your morning coffee only to get sidetracked by baby’s screeches? Well, say no more. This smart mug contains a temperature control band that allows you to adjust to the *perfect* temperature. Imagine this: A cuppa tea (or coffee) that stays heated from the first sip to the last. Mind = blown.   


Go big or go home this February 14. Err’body knows how god awful traveling can be with the little ones… you might as well be equipped with the very best luggage. We recommend Away’s “The Bigger Carry-On” in the Pantone Color of the Year, Classic Blue. Not only is it TSA-approved, but it boasts all the bells and whistles—like a battery that keeps your phone charged all dayyyy.

$245 AT AWAY

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Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug


Away The Bigger Carry-On


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