10 Things You Need To Pack For Baby’s First Holiday

10 Things You Need To Pack For Baby’s First Holiday

Travelling with a little one is overwhelming especially if it’s your first time! 

Most parents would opt not to go anywhere with the baby this Christmas. Travelling is exhausting at the best of times. Travelling with a baby and the stress levels go through the roof and you are sure to be bone-tired at the end of the day!   If you ask me, the number one travel essential should be wine.


If you’re lucky, your baby will sleep most of the time (bwahahahahahaha). The trick to travelling as comfortably as you can is to make sure you have anything to make him/her comfortable. And to achieve a fun and somewhat peaceful holiday  – invest in reliable and quality baby essentials like Babyhome and Suavinex!

Spain’s number one baby furniture and stroller brand has launched in Australia!  Their range is gorgeous and AFFORDABLE!!!!!! They have a whole range from basic to lux and everything in between!

Babyhome offers elegant and affordable baby furniture – prams and cots that strike the perfect balance between form and function.

Suavinex, Spain’s top baby care brand, has everything babies and new mums need.The sweetest soothers, feeding bottles and more!

Here’s a list of things you and your baby shouldn’t go on holiday without:

Somewhere for Baby to Sleep

When travelling, you want bubs to feel right at home wherever they go.  So travelling with a familiar and comfortable bed is fabulous as babies love the stability of their own bed (who wouldn’t!)  Of course, when travelling, you don’t want something cumbersome and heavy to carry around.  An ideal bed is compact, light and comfortable.  Other features to look for in a travel bed for bubs include an ergonomic mattress, breathable pad, doona set and an easily attachable changing pad to make baby changes quick and simple.

Our pick:  The Air from Babyhome

The Air Bassinet is affordable option and comes with a changing pad with easily attaches to the bassinet via a zipper with a safety device.  What I love about this little number is the mesh window hidden under the fabric on the side, it allows you to keep an eye on baby whilst he or she sleeps, without having to peer over the top (and make eye contact – NOOOOOOOOO!)

Push Your Baby Around….

In a pram of course!  For travelling you want something that folds down easily to be stored away.  You want a decent sized storage area to store nappies, bottles, wipes etc whilst you are seeing all the sights.  Aluminium frames are both strong and light and a wipeable fabric for the inevitable accidents!

Our Picks:

The Vida Plus Pram is COMING SOON (so get your order in quick if you want one!).  It has a light aluminium frame and you can change it from a carry-cot to a todder seat.  This pram will suit your baby for up to 18 months old.

The Seat Kit for VidaPlus suits babies from birth to 25kg.  It is to be added to the Vida Plus Pram to extend to use from small baby, to big toddler!

The Vida Stroller is lightweight and looks schmick!  It is also very well priced for a practical and pretty pram.

The Nest Kit for Vida (O – 6 months) is a semi-ridged carry-cot which makes the Vida Stroller adaptable to make bubs comfy from day one!

Nappies and Practical Nappy Bag

Yes you can’t take a baby anywhere, particularly when travelling, without a practical (and stylish) Nappy Bag.  Compartments that are easily accessible, without the bulk is perfect.

Our picks:

The Trendy Diaper Bag (nappy bag here in Australia) looks great – and is so well priced (I’ve seen Nappy Bags up to $300!!!!).  It has multiple compartments inside and out and can be adapted to be a hand-bag, a sling bag or a shoulder bag depending on what you like.  It is also able to be attached to your pram!


Bibs and Bobs

Bibs are essential to keep babies clothing nice and clean and fresh.  Because you will be changing baby ENOUGH without having additional changes due to food and vomit accidents.

Our pick:

Love these cute little Bib Clips – what a great idea! The idea of these is that when you are travelling, rather than dirtying a bib that you have to wash, you grab a paper napkin and use the bib clip to attach them to the front of baby.  Then when baby is finished – chuck it in the bin – ingenious when travelling!

Baby Bottles 

There are literally thousands of different baby bottles on the market now.  And even if you are exclusively breastfeeding, it is handy to keep a bottle on hand for water or if baby all of a sudden refuses the breast.  After all, it is good to ‘Be Prepared!’.

Our picks:


The great things about these bottles is that they don’t absorb any odours like most baby bottles do.  And if you have ever smelt day old milk, you will know just how bad they really can smell.  All bottles have a very wide neck to make it easy to pour in formula and they have an ergonomic shape to make it easier for baby to grip.

The teats are approved by the Spanish Society of Paediatric Dentistry!

Feed Me!

So if baby is old enough for baby food, you need sleek, practical utensils that are easy to clean, and won’t hurt baby’s mouth.

Our pick:


Microwave Steriliser

Microwave Sterlisers are perfect for on the go.  Yes they might appear ‘bulky’ for travelling, BUT use that ‘bulk’ to store all your bottles, cleaners, teats and dummies whilst you are travelling. Plus any breakables because these things are hard as a rock!  Most hotels now have a microwave in the room, or when travelling most restaurants are only too happy to run the steriliser through their microwave.  That way, you know your bottles are pristinely clean all the time.

Our Pick from Babyhome:

This microwave steriliser allows you to sterilise up to five bottles of differing sizes, teats and all the accessories – in just four minutes.  The holes in the base allow the water vapour through, while the specially designed bottle rack ensures that bottles are PERFECTLY sterlised inside and out.


That Thing Has BITE!

So Mums aren’t keen on Dummies (or pacifiers if you aren’t native to Australia).  Me – I used them just to get some peace.  If you are travelling and need baby to sooth – they are a great, cheap idea.  And a soothed baby is a happy baby.

Our Pick:

These teethers are cheap as chips, nothing fancy – but will do the job.  They are so pretty too!



Entertainment Factor:

Sometimes travelling can be boring , even for the grown ups.  So imagine poor baby in the back seat, or on the train, wanting your attention all the time.  If you can give that, great, but sometimes it is good to give bubs something else to focus his or her attention on.

Our Pick:

These Musical Teething Rings give baby hand exercisers, and are great for gums and little budding teeth to chew on.  Baby will learn that when he or she pushes the button, the teether will start to play a relaxing song.  They come in loads of different colours, and always have ‘plastic keys’ to play with.  Because we do know how facinated all babies are with keys (and we can’t let them play with the real thing now can we!).


Don’t forget blankets and car seats!

Car Seats that meet Australian Standards are essential for when travelling by any vehicle.  This is one area you should never ever skimp on.  Most airlines now will fly car seats for free for you – so there really is no excuse not to take one travelling with you wherever you go!

Shop for your baby’s needs here: www.babyshop.sytc.com.au

10 Things You Need To Pack For Baby's First Holiday

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