10 Decorating Essentials For A Rental Home on a Budget

10 Decorating Essentials For A Rental Home on a Budget

Hesitating to decorate your home and make it more alive because you think you don’t have the right to do so?

Many of us have to rent our homes or apartments. But with the strict rules regarding what tenants can and can’t do in a rental, it sometimes feels like we are stuck with the dated decor and wall colours that the landlord wants.

Here are 10 easy ways to decorate your rental, with items that you own and can take with you when you leave. They will brighten your spaces, add colour and texture, and most importantly, make the rental home feel like it is yours!

1. Add Some Indoor Plants (Real or Fake)

It’s great to have plants in your home because aside from them being a good decoration to enhance the look of your interior, they also help in filtering the air that you breathe in. Adding some indoor plants is a surefire method to make your rental home alive. You can opt to do the planting and grow the plant yourself, or you can also buy a plant on the market or buy fake plants if you don’t want to get worried about them wilting. Regardless, plants won’t really disappoint because they freshen up the surroundings. You can either put them on every corner of your home or hang them on the wall. You can also do both.

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2. Add Some Side Tables for Lamps and Books

People, more often than not, have something they have to put on a table, like their phones, purses, or even food, so there’s really no doubt that side tables are essential in houses. Side tables are a great add to your rental home because of the convenience they give. They shouldn’t always be big and spacious because, well, they’re meant to be put on the side, so you can choose to buy a small one instead. Place a lamp and a few books or magazines on it just in case you get bored or just want to have a quiet and peaceful night.


Decorating a Rental Home on a Budget
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3. Add Additional Lighting with Table Lamps and Bedside Lamps

If you’re too fond of lamps, add some more! Lamps are very helpful if you want a not so bright light, making it perfect when you’re reading. They also help when you want to focus on what you’re doing because the light they release isn’t distracting. So you can put one on every area of your home where you usually do your work, like in the living room or your bedroom. There are a lot of designs and styles of lamps available in the market so you have a wide variety of options to choose from.

Decorating a Rental Home on a Budget
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4. Add Large Artwork to Bare Walls

A wall that’s too boring is a no-no. No, don’t schedule a repainting session yet. You see, it’s really not necessary to change the colour of your walls often. Sometimes you just have to add something on it to make it more alive. Paintings, artworks, and creative portraits are some of the things that you can put on it to enhance its look and to make the whole interior cozy and classy. You can opt to buy a huge artwork then place it on the most ideal position or buy a bunch of small ones then create a large artwork out of them.

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5. Add Beautiful Rugs to Your Living Areas

Living room is the most occupied room in houses because that’s where people spend their whole day at, so you really should pay more attention to it. Even though rugs don’t really hinder bacteria (bacteria can even grow on rugs) and other unpleasant particles ever existed from building their unwelcomed colony, they help in diminishing the amount of dirt in your home, and in fact in beautifying your interior as well. There are several beautiful rugs that you can buy on the market, so next time you shop for home supplies, don’t hesitate to grab one.

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6. Have a Brightly-Coloured Statement Piece of Furniture

A statement furniture, if you’re not aware, is that certain furniture in every house that just stands out. It could be an armchair, a chair, a table, a bed, whatsoever. Having a statement furniture is helping to emphasise a certain area in or to give a personal ambiance to your home. Even if you only have a piece of statement furniture, it can give a wow factor to your whole interior especially if it’s flamboyant. You can place it anywhere you want to.

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7. Throw Rugs and Cushions to Add Colour and Texture

To add vibrancy to your home, you can let the others be and just focus on your throw pillows. Throw rugs and cushions are a good way to give life to your interior. It’s small and quite inexpensive so you can buy a lot. Cover each of them with differing colours, styles, patterns, and textures and your living room is not as boring anymore!

Decorating a Rental Home on a Budget
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8. Have Some Baskets for Storage

Every household has a basket and its uses include: as a hamper, as a waste container, to organise cosmetics, and so on. Basically, you can put anything in a basket, and that’s why you should have some for storage purposes. Organisation is one of the keys to a perfect home. But if you want to beautify your interior, you should put your things into something that can also pass as a decoration. So why not use those that are made from a leaf fibre instead of plastics? Like this Abaca Basket.

Decorating a Rental Home on a Budget
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9. Hang Mirrors on the Wall

We always want to see if we’re looking fine, so mirrors are really a must in a house. You can opt to buy a stylish mirror instead of a plain one for it to be a decoration as well. Mirrors give balance and can make your interior wider than it looks. But make sure to place it in front of something worth reflecting for, and it’s not the bathroom of course. You can also add a table below it and put figurines, picture frames, a vase, or whatever on the table to make the mirror more elegant.

Decorating a Rental Home on a Budget Decorating a Rental Home on a Budget
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10. Hang Your Own Beautiful Shower Curtain

Of course, you should decorate your bathroom too. Even though it’s not a place where people stay to talk or watch TV, you should still make it more appealing. You don’t have to put a portrait on the wall, a side table, or a statement furniture in it. You can just hang a beautiful shower curtain and that’s already fine. Try the one with colourful patterns or the simple one that blends to the colour of the flooring.

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Decorating a Rental Home on a Budget Decorating a Rental Home on a Budget
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What else do you do in decorating a rental home on a budget?

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