10 Cheapskate Rules From America’s “Cheapest” Man

10 Cheapskate Rules From America’s “Cheapest” Man

He’s known as the ultimate cheapskate.. America’s Cheapest Man.

Jeff Yeager lives by 10 RULES, starting with only paying under $2 per kilogram of food.

This isn’t just a once off, weekly, or monthly goal on Jeff’s calendar…it’s a way of life. Despite being a proud, self proclaimed “cheapskate”, he’s still able to maintain healthy eating habits and doesn’t skimp on delicious taste (plus a cask of wine or two).

He also remains defiantly environmentally conscious (Jeff doesn’t waste anything; not even the wine cask!)

Dinner for 80c a serving? Electricity costing 20c per meal? Using your old wine cask as a pillow? How does he do it?

One of his philosophies is to NEVER pay full price, and Stay at Home Mum readers could save hundreds by following his 10 Cheapskate Rules.

Cheapskate Rule # 1 – Set the dollar limit

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Cheapskate Rule # 2 – Plan your meal around the sale items

Cheapskate Rule # 3 – Browse the mark down table

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Cheapskate Rule # 4 – Avoid the shredded lettuce!

Cheapskate Rule # 5 – Bypass big name cleaning products

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Cheapskate Rule # 6 – Buy chicken over beef; buy beans and eggs over chicken

Cheapskate Rule # 7 – Shop at real grocery stores, rather than convenience stores

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Cheapskate Rule # 8 – Don’t be afraid to haggle and bargain (I’ve done this with avocados, it works!)

Cheapskate Rule # 9 – Bring your own bags

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Cheapskate Rule # 10 – Hunt around for loose change (around the house, car, pockets, bags and draws!)

Do you agree with Jeff? Or is he going too far? We think he’s on to something…”Bon Appe-cheap” Jeff!

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