10 Best Halloween Onesies 2019 – Scary Mommy

10 Best Halloween Onesies 2019 – Scary Mommy

Thinking of dressing up for Halloween this year, Mom? It’s enough of a hassle getting everything together for your kids’ costumes, so don’t make things harder then they have to be when it comes to finding a killer costume for you. If you’d like to partake in this year’s festivities, but have little room to add yet another to-do on your list, do as we say and embrace the magic that is an adult Halloween onesie. Not only are adult Halloween onesies incredibly convenient because they’ll save you time, most (if not all) of them are also extremely comfortable. Check out our top picks! 



When life just will not throw you a bone, Tipsy Elves will. A skeleton costume is arguably one of the easiest costumes to throw together when you have no time to stop at a party store and shift through racks, and no colorful makeup to get super creative with. All you need is this Tipsy Elves skeleton onesie, white face paint or powder, and black eyeliner. Trust us, skeleton makeup tutorials are plentiful on YouTube, and require minimal effort. 



On the list of reasons why you’re not a regular mom, but a cool mom, dressing up as a unicorn for Halloween makes the top 10. Spirit Halloween’s Despicable Me Unicorn Suit is so fluffy, your kid is going to die when they see you in it. Who cares if you look ridiculous with a golden horn sticking up out of your head? This adult Halloween onesie is hella comfortable and warm, so say hi to all the mommy group haters, because at least you’ll be nice and snug walking up and down the neighborhood with your little trick-or-treater.



Black cat costumes are vastly overrated. Black bats, however, are frighteningly underrated costume options. This adult Halloween onesie costume from Leg Avenue brings bat to bae status. The one-piece suit is made of super comfy fleece so you’ll stay warm despite the crisp autumn air, and looks awesome with a pair of fishnet leggings and boots. 



You’re a superhero, Mom, but have you ever played the role of super plumber? This Super Mario Halloween costume from Spirit Halloween is super sexy. An officially licensed Mario Bros ensemble, the form-fitting jumpsuit gives the video game legend’s signature uniform —  blue overalls, red t-shirt, logo hat, and mustache — a feminine touch. 



This Halloween, you’re going as a mouse — duh. Only CANASOUR’s adult Halloween onesie doesn’t exactly mimic the aesthetic of your typical miniature rodent; this mouse comes with built-in wings that cascade from your arms. Plus, the entire getup is basically pajamas made with plush materials, and a loose fit for maximum comfort. 



When it comes to the roles of good-cop, bad-cop, Mom always seems to play the villain, while Dad comes out on top. But just because you set rules doesn’t make you a bad mom; you’re a boss. Work that badass angle on Halloween by portraying Batman’s own Harley Quinn — only when you slip into Suit Yourself’s adult onesie, you won’t have to wear heels or lug a prop baseball bat everywhere. This Zipster suit speaks true to the OG Harley Quinn, not the Suicide Squad model who walks around in booty shorts and pigtails. Aint nobody got time for that  amount of effort. 



Between the late-night feedings, running after a toddler, and dealing with teenage hormones — sometimes Moms literally feel like the living dead. With this adult Mummy Halloween onesie costume from Tipsy Elves the bags under your eyes won’t be super obvious; they’ll be essential to your aesthetic. Dress the ensemble up with black booties for the road, then swap for slippers after trick-or-treating. 



Candy girl, you are your child’s world. Though you might not always be super sweet like the song suggests (after all, parenting isn’t always a box of chocolates), no one would know with this sugar-inspired getup from Tipsy Elves. With this form-fitting adult Halloween onesie that features vibrantly colored “gumballs,” you’ll be total eye candy amidst the trick-or-treaters. Just make sure you’re littlest ones know the candy detail isn’t actually edible. 



If you’re going to dress up as a black cat, at least dress up as *the* black cat. Hocus Pocus is one of (if not the) most classic Halloween movies to date, and Bix, black cat extraordinaire, will go down in ghoulish history as the friendly feline who helped a rebellious virgin defeat the Sanderson sisters. Spirit Halloween’s adult onesie costume is an officially licensed product that’s super comfy and already comes with cat ears attached (as if you don’t have a drawer full of them already).  



If you think posing as a unicorn for Halloween will secure your mother-of-the-year status, just imagine what channeling your inner Mommy Shark can do, do, do, do, do, do for ya. WOTOGOLD’s Shark costume isn’t associated with the Wangfang franchise, but who needs brand authenticity when you have guaranteed comfort and seven styles of shark to choose from?

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